Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Morning


Sandcastle Momma said...

I have to say that is a beautiful picture of you! You can actually feel how much you love the photographer just by looking at the picture.
And he does look cute all sleepy eyed like that.

Stephanie, Mama Dramatist said...

Kisses to you and the sleepy guy.


The Church Lady said...

I don't do mornings well. Although when I actually do get my arse out of bed, I find that it makes for a nice long day. Sleeping in seldomly occurs in my household anymore. *sigh*

lisaschaos said...

You both look a wee bit tired. :)

Sandy said...

My gosh, he looks like you!

Also, a quick note. We just finished the roast/vegetable crockpot dinner I stole from you. I'll bet we have had it a dozen times in the last year and it is always wonderful. Thanks again for Sayre's Stuff.

Sayre said...

Sandcastle Momma - yes, with all my heart.

Stephanie - I don't know about gorgeous, but at least we're real!

Church Lady - sleeping in is a rarity here too. Since we have to get up for school, we sort of automatically get up early on the weekends too. Sigh.

Lisa - Yep. We are tired. I have no makeup and only one cup of coffee in me. Z is approaching that time of life when he won't actually wake up until around 2pm.

Sandy - he's definitely my child. At least right now. When he was born, he was a clone of my husband - right down to the coloring (much darker than me). I was somewhat disappointed when the pink, pink skin with freckles appeared. I'm so glad you're enjoying that roast crockpot dinner! I think I might need to do it again soon!!! Right now, we're finishing off a pot of New England Boiled Dinner.

Pamela said...

oh me2!
I just want to keep the lights out and moan down the hallway.