Sunday, November 08, 2009

Fun Monday - My Day

Fun Monday is being hosted by Grace, who wants to know:

Your Day: please describe to us your typical weekday, from when you wake up until when you go to bed, what do you do to get you up and going, how do you wind down in the evening and what happens in your life in between those times.

When at all possible, I aim for a slow ramp up in my day. During the week, it usually goes like this:

6:30-7am Wake up, start coffee (if hubby is home) or have a cup left by hubby

7am-7:30 Wake boy, feed boy, read newspaper

7:30-8am Shower, get dressed. If I'm really slow that morning, I'll take the kid to school, then come back home for this part.

8:10am Take boy to school. I will then drive on to work. I usually give my mom a call during the drive to see how things are.

9am Arrive at work, get second cup of coffee, check mailbox, rewind whatever it is I taped the night before (Desperate Housewives, V, Grey's Anatomy).

9:30 Get down to business: Checking record schedules from the night before, checking email, PBS intraweb page, schedule any refeeds needed.

10:30 Upstairs again for walkabout the offices. Visit Jennifer, Kelly, Erica - get the lay of the land that day. If there's any voiceover word to be done, this is usually around the time I do it.

11am LUNCH!!! Usually eaten at my desk while watching previous night's TV and doing some work-related task.

11:45 Back to work. Lots of different things get done on any given day. There are daily program logs and record schedules, programs to find, programs to dub and send ot other people, sometimes editing, sometimes timings, entering program schedules for two different stations, finding and modifying promotional material (or occasionally creating my own). There are meetings rarely, and reports often - there is plenty to keep me busy!

2pm If this is a day I have to pick up the boy from school, this is when I leave. If it's one of those days, you can bump everything up to where I get to work at 6:30am, but usually my husband goes to pick him up and I stay at work.

5:30-7pm Depending on how the day has gone, what monkeywrenches have been thrown into the works, how many hours I need to put in to make it to 40, I leave work. I'm very lucky to have fairly flexible hours. I have worked as late as 11pm. Since i'm self directed (except for those monkey wrenches), I can pretty much determine how much and what gets done every day.

5:30-8pm Get home. I'm lucky that my husband does most of the cooking. He's so much better at it than I am and he actually enjoys it, which I don't, if I have to do it everyday. Lovely meal, some family visiting. We might play a video game together or go for a walk with the dogs. Once in a great while, we'll watch TV together, but that is pretty rare. We don't actually watch much TV.

8pm Kick the boy off the computer and send him to bed. He can shower, brush teeth or read until 9pm when lights go out. I spend a little computer time, then I go to bed too. Usually around 9-10pm. Darling Man is usually in bed by 8:30, but he gets up really early for work.

Early bed, early-ish rise. I believe in sleeping as much as you can - I get between 8 and 10 hours a night. But I am also the night watchman. I wake up at every noise, let dogs out when needed (and back in), comfort boy with nightmares or coughs, go downstairs and reset the weather alarm when it goes off (last night about 11pm, unexpectedly), make sure the gerbil doesn't get eaten...

It's a very busy day almost every day. And then there are weekends...


wendishness said...

I like the routine of your day, it has room for things to change but it's nicely structured.

Stephanie, Mama Dramatist said...

You're right; if you exchange "tape reels" for "patient charts" it's almost like we have the same day!!

Lil Mouse said...

so what exactly is your job title?

karisma said...

Sounds like your days are far more structured than mine.

I hope you have a hands free phone in your car?????

Janis said...

It really is nice that you can have flex hours..You sound like a typical busy working Mom N wife. What a bonus to have your hubby cook the evening meal. And Yes...there are the weekends..ahhhh!

margaret said...

*sigh* I hope to be back on the FM bus soon. Meanwhile, thanks for sharing your day! I have often wondered what it's like to work in TV, esp. public TV.

And speaking of that - happy 40th to Sesame Street! I loved Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers. Thanks to public TV for bringing us such wonderful educational AND fun programming!

this new place said...

you are lucky to have such structure! I get up in half an hour and ready to be out the door with the kids and then not always sure what is going to happen that day!

grace said...

Where do you tape your TV shows? I would like to do that. It is nice to have a flexible job. I used to have a flexible job where I could come in as early as 6am and leave as late as 6 pm, but now my current job depends on my bosses and so they like me to be at work at around 8am. it still works for me though. thanks for playing Sayre

Faye said...

Nightwatchman? That gave me a chuckle. In the summer when windows are open at night I always know when there's a possum out in the yard--Willie wants to go out and investigate. Do your dogs sometimes just lie down and gaze at the stars while you wait impatiently at the back door, needing to get back to sleep? My crazy border collie used to do that.

I'm glad you have the option to be self directed at work. That takes so much of the stress off your shoulders. I like the tone of your evenings--sounds like it's pretty laid back and calm. good for everyone concerned

Gattina said...

Am I happy to have all this behind me ! sometimes I wonder how I managed all, kid, family, office etc.
Hugs from Egypt ! I enjoy warmth and sunshine !