Sunday, November 29, 2009

Guest room is DONE

And this room?

Remember this closet? 

I guess over all it's been a couple of weeks.  Now there's company on the way tomorrow and today, I finished the room.

Area rug removed, new curtains in the windows.

Also moved the TV, removed the "entertainment center" and rearranged bookshelves.  I need to hang my painting and put in the rocker that I'm getting from my friend Kelly.  And mop/polish the wood floor.

And the closet is now painted and reorganized.  I moved my dresser in underneath the shelves.  I love tucking dressers into closets.  Leaves so much more space in the room itself!


Jan n Jer said...

Oh boy, when can I come...looks like a very nice guest room..with a tv and everything to make ones self at home. You did a great job!

karisma said...

I'll be right over, just need to pack my bag. I see sewing stuff is supplied so I can travel light. :-)

Very nice! Can you come and sort my house out too?

Hoosier Girl said...

I totally agree with Karisma: A. I'll be right there and B. Will you do my room now?

Looks great!!


Gattina said...

The work of a giant ! lol !

Gattina said...

BTW where is fun Monday ???

Anonymous said...
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