Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Heart Broken

I have a son and a granddaughter. I also have in-laws who are in their 80s and parents in their 70s. Up until recently, I've been lucky... nothing really big or traumatic has happened with any of those people.

But today... Today, my mom called me to say that Dad was in the emergency room. He'd been feeling a bit out of breath and not well that morning, and finally decided to go to the doctor to get checked out. They put him on an EKG and took his pulse. And sent him immediately to the hospital.

They took him in right away. His pulse was 30 beats per minute and his blood pressure was rising. At one point, his pulse dropped to 23 beats per minute and he was surrounded by medical personnel amazed that he was even conscious.

The decision was made to put in a pacemaker, as the bottom half of his heart just wasn't working.

I left work and went out to collect Mom. I fed the chickens, made sure all the doors were locked. We drove to the hospital and found Dad, still waiting his turn on the table. An emergency had come up and he'd been bumped back (being relatively stable at this point).

He was scared. Really, really scared. It was, in fact, a rather dire situation. Thank goodness he went to the doctor when he did. I'm glad I got Mom there so that he could see her before he went into surgery. I think it made a huge difference.

They wheeled him out and down the hall, leaving us in a suddenly vast, empty room. Mom sat in a recliner and put her aching feet up. We watched "Cheers". Dad's friend Blan showed up and we talked for the long half-hour that was left until Dad was wheeled back to us.

He was awake and chatty. His color had pinked up considerably from the rather gray shade he'd been when he left. After a bit more poking, prodding and squeezing, the nurses brought him dinner. Two small pork chops, greens, yams and chocolate pudding for dessert. He ate it all.

Tomorrow morning, he'll have an ultrasound done on his heart and a chemical stress test. And if everything looks okay, he gets to go home. Isn't that amazing?

I knew the day would come when a parent got seriously ill. I'm good in a crisis. I can take care of everyone else and make sure stuff gets done. I don't cry or collapse. But when it's all over and I get to be alone, the tears come. They wash away the residual stress and fear.

I knew this day would come. I just didn't think it would be so soon.


karisma said...

Geez man! Don't scare me like that!

When I saw the heading I nearly died! Tears are healthy my love, I was not unduly worried this morning when I saw your facebook post and sent the vibes along. My friend had the same thing at 37 years of age. Its scary to think about hey? I know however, it was a shitty day for you and send you all my love and hugs.

The big message here for all is to look after your diets and what you are putting in your bodies....it all adds up. And don't stress! Stress is a major factor in this department. Don't fret the small shit! Every little thing we do adds up to what we suffer or gain.

We are NEVER too young to suffer like this. I am so happy all is well now. Look after each other and LOVE each other fiercely! What more can we do hey?

Big big hugs and smoochies to you my friend...I was thinking of you all day! Mwah xxoxoxox

Pamela said...

We are so blessed to have wonderful medical care and people.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates. We plan to see you as soon as we can schedule the trip.

Janis said...

Medical technology is amazing these days. What a terrible lonely feeling it is when your waiting in a room to hear the outcome of a loved ones surgery. Glad to hear it all turned out well. You are lucky to still have both of your parents...cherish them. They are lucky to have such a strong resourceful daughter. BTW...I am the same way..always after an emergency I break down n cry.

Sandcastle Momma said...

I'm so glad your Dad was able to get the help he needed right away! He'll be in our prayers.

nikki said...

Sometimes those days come sooner than you think. All you can do is rely on your support group to help get you through.

I'm glad he got through it okay!

Scott said...

I didn’t really know what Hospice was but what a way to find out. I lost my mom a couple of years ago to cancer. I feel like crying but don’t. I wish the tears would come but they haven’t. Maybe mom hasn’t gone away I just forgot how to see her. Read, study and learn all that you can, you still won’t be prepared.

Love your loved ones while they are with you. Christ loves them more and may bring them to himself.

The guide has been called away to rule but has left us a clue in planting a mustard seed. The seed has to die before it brings forth life.

Anonymous said...

I am so incredibly thankful that, if this had to happen, it happened now.
I shudder to think what would have happened, if this event had taken place after our healthcare system had been destroyed.
Giving him "a pill" wouldn't have saved our father. Thank God for the doctors being allowed to make the decision to act.


Anonymous said...

Heya doll.

Give the J-man some seriously big hugs and love from me. I'm so glad he took action fast and is now back at home. w00t!


grace said...

I am sorry Sayre and I pray that your Dad will feel better soon. Blessings to you Sayre, I think of you often.

grace said...

I am sorry Sayre and I pray that your Dad will feel better soon. Blessings to you Sayre, I think of you often.