Monday, December 28, 2009

Fun Monday - Decoration

Gattina is our FM host this week:

Take a picture of one Christmas ornament which you love the most, explain why, and if you don't have any explanations it's also OK. For those who haven't celebrated Christmas, just take a picture of something else you love as decoration.

Isn't he cute?  This is the latest addition to my collection of tree ornaments.  My friend Kim gave him to me at our "Sassy Gals Holiday Lunch" that we had the week before Christmas.  I don't know where people find these cute, cute things, though she swears up and down that it was at Target. 

He started a yearning for a themed tree.  My trees are always such a hodge-podge of stuff.  Some of it gorgeous, fine ornamentation (usually given to us by other people), some of it handmade by my boy, some of it bought because of the subject matter (how many Star Wars ornaments can one tree hold?).  

Only once have I actually had a coherent tree.  It was ZBoy's first Christmas.  We were about to decorate when I realized that if we used what we had, nothing would survive the grasping, inquisitive hands of a 8-month old child whose method of exploration was to put everything into his mouth and either crunch down on it or get it thoroughly wet with drool.  Since the majority of our ornaments were glass at that point, it seemed like a good idea to come up with something else.  What I did was go buy lots of tiny stuffed animals, sew thread loops on the back of their heads and put hooks on them.  Our tree was a little wonderland of red cows, yellow tigers, a lobster, floppy-eared dogs and various Pooh characters.  It was actually a lovely tree.  Of course, the boy claimed most of them for his own the next year and they never even made it to the tree.  We still have the lobster and a couple of other ones, but the rest are long gone.

One year, I'd like to do a woodland tree.  With ornaments that reflect wildlife in a forest.  Perhaps Mr. Snowy Owl can be my first step in that direction!


Gattina said...

This little owl is so adorable ! He has the same huge eyes as my cat Rosie, lol !
That would be something for me too !

Pamela said...

I WANT IT. ha ha.
Suppose it came from one of those year round Christmas Stores. I see those places and I never want to go in when it isn't THAT time of year.

But maybe I should.

Tooooo freakin' cute!

Faye said...

What a lot of personality Mr. Snowy Owl has, Sayre. My friend kittyhawk actually has a bird themed tree and it's quite lovely. I once had a bear tree. How smart of you to put up a "politically correct" tree for 8 mo. old ZBoy. He could explore all he needed to, no harm done.

A happy and healthy New Year to you and your family, Sayre.

Mariposa said...

How adorable...I suddenly have the urge to start collecting cute little things like this!

Thanks for linking me up as next week's host will post the theme on Tuesday.

Wish you a fun 2010 ahead!

Jan n Jer said...

My SIL would love the snowy Owl...she collects owls. Thanks for sharing Sayre n Happy FM to you. Happy New Year!

Jnais said...

How cute is that SIL would love it...she has been collecting owls for years. Happy New Year to you n your family!

gayle said...

First I love the little owl
What a great idea for your tree when your little one was a baby.
I love the idea about a themed tree but probably will never do it!!

Liane Michel said...

After our first Christmas together, I thought we(Dale and I) should get an ornament together. The first year we got a puffy sheep from Native Nurseries. This year we got a bear from the same place. Ornaments can be anything that brings good memories!

I know what you mean with regard to ornaments and young hands. My youngest cat, Tiger, who is still kitten'y loves the ornaments on the tree and takes pleasure in ripping them off to play with before I can get to her.

Sandcastle Momma said...

I've often thought about having a theme tree but then I see all of the ornaments from years past and I can't bear not to put them on the tree so we always end up with a very eclectic style LOL