Thursday, December 03, 2009

Happy Song - please visit YouTube!

The boy and I stopped our conversation in the car to listen - it's absolutely beautiful and we agree - we have a new favorite!


karisma said...

Very nice! And thanks for your advice the other day. I chose to start a new knitting project which is coming along nicely AND I scrubbed the on-suite shower vigorously with nothing more than bi-carb and soda water, a soft sponge and a very small brush. Very pleasing results. But I STILL need a holiday! LOL!

The Church Lady said...

It is a very catchy tune. My girls have it downloaded onto their i-pods.

Faye said...

I want a fireflies room too! I can see why The Boy would love this video. He has the start of a room like this in his newly decorated digs, doesn't he?