Monday, December 21, 2009

Morning Conversation - Hot or Not

The temperatures dipped below freezing finally this morning. It was 30 when we left the house for school. Highs were expected to reach 59.

As I closed the locked door behind me, ZBoy suddenly realized he didn't have a jacket. He WAS wearing a long-sleeved knit shirt and a thick sweatshirt over it. I was wearing a t-shirt and a sweat jacket. I told him he wouldn't need his jacket, that he'd be plenty warm.

Climbing into the car, he said, "You're right, Mom. I probably won't need a jacket today, 'cause I'm hot!" He licked his finger and touched his shoulder and made hissing noises, then winked.

I started laughing. He asked why that was funny. I told him that when he said it like that, it made him sound like he thought he was sexy hot, not temperature hot. And that 10 year old boys were NOT sexy hot.

He then licked his finger and poked me.

"You're always hot. But not this morning. I poked you with my saliva and there wasn't even a sizzle."

Thanks, honey.


karisma said...

LOL Too funny.

We are very hot down here today, looks like another day of melting.

gayle said...

Zboy sounds like a cutie!!!

Sandcastle Momma said...

He's going to be a nut just like his mom LOL

this new place said...

leave it to the kids to tell us how things really are!

nikki said...

Oh that had to burn.

No pun intended.

Liane Michel said...

Oh, you have so been "told."

What a great wit you've reproduced.

Anonymous said...

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