Sunday, January 10, 2010

Still cold

We're about to go into our second week of below freezing temperatures overnight here in North Florida.  The one day when we actually had moisture available, the temperature only got down to 36, so we missed having the snow that was promised by weather guys.  But we've got the cold!

The dogs were a little miffed that when they went to drink water, they couldn't get any.  I added some warmer water on top later so they could drink.

The pool had ice on the surface.  A couple of days ago, it was floating patches of ice.  This morning, it was sheeted.  Not solid enough for anything but pine needles or leaves to sit on top of, but still - a rarity here!

The plants didn't fare as well as I'd hoped.  The aloe is definitely looking sad and this other thing (also a succulent) is still standing, but that's about all.

It was almost 11am when ZBoy and I drove down to the Capitol to see what the temperatures had done to the dolphin fountain.  Darling Man drove by earlier and said the dolphins had goatees.  By 11, they just had fringy bellies.

Z was fascinated by the ice.   He was walking along the edge of the fountain, hit a patch of ice and nearly went in.  This kind of weather and these kinds of temperatures are absolutely new to him.  One day, I'll have to show him some real winter weather!

For now, though, he's quite content to spend a very chilly day doing this!


Sandy said...

We just had our first two days in a row above freezing during the daytime! Of course, it is expected here and not where you are. Are your pipes doing all right?

My grandson has spent the weekend doing exactly what your son is

SophieMae said...

DAWG! I hadn't thought about the dolphins. I wanna go home... but it's cold down there, even. Duller tried to get me to go out and take pichers of our icicles earlier this afternoon, but I don't DO arctic! >:\

Janis said...

This is big news for Florida...I feel so sorry for the poor turtles that are frozen, Even the iguana's are freezing and dropping out of the trees. Hope next week brings some warmer temps.

gayle said...

Wow Fl really needs to warm up!!

storyteller said...

I enjoyed your 'car history' ... alas I didn't get around to creating a post about my the little blue Plymouth Valiant my dad talked me into buying in place of the VW bug I wanted for my first car after all (let's hear it for good intentions) ... but I did share the big tamale cookout at Sacred Ruminations over the weekend and have shared some Colorful Miscellany at Small Reflections for all you snow-bound folk. I enjoyed all your wintry pictures here ... the icicles on the dolphins at the fountain are most memorable. Happy Fun Monday to all those who are participating. Perhaps once my sister's back on the road I'll find time to play again.
Hugs and blessings,