Sunday, February 07, 2010

Fun Monday - The Doldrums

The Church Lady is hosting this week's Fun Monday, and after a few days of being snowbound, she wants to know:
How do you beat the doldrums when you are stuck in the house either because it is too cold or too hot outside? Do you read? Cook? Complete a home improvement project? Watch movies? Scrapbook? Please share your ideas.

Oh, Church Lady... I rarely get the doldrums! Mostly because I'm always doing something. If you just look back at my blog, including the last post, you'll see there's always some project in the works.

Some may think I have lots of time on my hands. That is not true. Mostly what I have is a lack of money to do the things I want to do - which includes buying furniture, having my house painted, getting old fixtures replaced and tearing out old carpet and putting new flooring in. Because I don't have money, I have to figure out a way to do it myself.

I'd say 98% of our furniture is used or hand-me-downs. Which means the pieces aren't in the best shape to start with. It usually takes a little TLC to get them back into usability.

I learned to paint early in life (thanks, Mom) and enjoy it - so when I think a room needs a different color, I don't think anything of buying a can of paint and putting it on the walls.

I just followed directions when it came to putting in toilets or changing out faucets. Most instructions are pretty good these days. Understanding how things work helps too. Thank goodness for the internet, which has talked me through quite a few projects.

As for the couch project, I'm winging it. I had planned to carefully remove the material from the couch and use it as a pattern, but those darned staples made that impossible. Someone went staple gun-happy on this one! I'm also working with materials pulled from an old mattress - an experiment in recycling. However, this is a rather freeing experience. I know what I want to accomplish, have an idea about how to do it, and if it doesn't work, I'm out $20 for the old sofa and might get to buy a new sofa with my tax return. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will turn out well, though. I could always use tax return money for something else - like a new stove or to have electricians come check out my wiring.

Electricity is the one thing I will not mess with. Plumbing can't kill you....

Now go visit the Church Lady and the other participants of Fun Monday!


The Church Lady said...

I really do hand it to you, Sayre. You aren't afraid to jump into any kind of home improvement project. I usually wait until Winter time to complete my indoor home improvements. I too like to paint and am not afraid to do so. I have painted the entire inside of my home by myself - room by room.

Good luck with your couch project. I hope you will share with us when you have it completed!

karisma said...

I wish I had some of your energy right now!

gayle said...

Wow! You are one smart lady doing all that!!

Debs said...

How talented you are! I need to recover a seat to my old rocking chair.

I hope to do get it done very soon.

Pamela said...

You must have gotten an extra helping of ambition when it got passed out. I think I used mine all up. I remember doing projects when I was younger. Now just getting up in the morning is a project (:

joangee said...

Wow! If only I was practical like you!
Okay, I knit, crochet and can sew. But, when it comes to DIY I leave it to the 'man who can'. Perhaps because he's such a perfectionist lol whereas I tend to muddle thro'.

I always love reading your posts n look forward to Mondays to see what you've put.

min said...

Hurry up with that couch so I can come sleep on it.

Janis said...

Like I said are so industrious Sayre....I reupholstered a chair once before and it was quite the work involved. Can't wait to see how your sofa turns out. Happy FM

Gattina said...

I wish you a lot of rainy days to complete all the things you listed up here, lol !

Lil Mouse said...

Please share your project right above or below a fun monday or embed it so we can all see when we visit!

Faye said...

You remind me of my friend Geek Squad, Sayre. She is absolutely fearless when it comes to repairing or building anything. She just gets on the "internets" and works her way through. No handy man bills for her.

Your couch project reminds me of the days when people buought really good pieces of furniture and expected to re-cover them when they got shappy. The foundation structure would last forever. I love the creative way you stretch your decorating budget to get what you want.

karatemom said...


finally found a min to swing over and do some poking around.

hows the family ..I will try to come by again soon .

but wanted to say hi and i never forgot about you just life got in the way.

grace said...

you are very talented Sayre, wish I could dismantle and fix furniture like you do. there is no dull moment in you life