Monday, March 22, 2010

Fun Monday - The Fantasy Life

I'm hosting this week and I want to know about your fantasy life:

We're talking FANTASY here. If you could live anywhere, where would it be? What would you do with your time? Who would you live with? How would you get there? What accomodations would you be living with? Tell me about this life you have fantasized for yourself!

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I have multiple fantasies - three, actually. All three hinge on having enough money to not have to work and to enjoy what these three scenarios have to offer!

FANTASY #1: The boy is grown and living his own life. Darling Man and I are now free to go wherever we want to go whenever we want to. The house is sold (or maybe the boy is living there on his own), and DM and I are living in a deluxe RV.

We can live anywhere in the country that strikes our fancy, picking up and moving at anytime we decide to without worrying about bad housing markets or schools. This is an old fantasy for me (though when it was first conceived, I was married to someone else and the fantasy did NOT include him). Originally, it was to be a campground host in the National Park Service, but seeing as that would make me on-call to help out the visitors 24/7, that idea lost appeal rather quickly. Now I just want to live in the most beautiful spots all over the country.

FANTASY #2: This one actually has me working, but I can afford to hire an excellent staff to do the bulk of the work. I own and operate a Bed and Breakfast in Vermont. I live in one wing of the building, and rent out rooms in the rest of the building.

Because I will have plenty of time, I will have a huge organic vegetable and fruit garden, which will provide much of the sustenance from our kitchen. Nothing but fresh air, gentle light, and healthy food for my guests!

FANTASY #3: I am now an accomplished writer and spend much of my time doing just that when I'm not busy hiking or helping out on the sheep ranch. My third and favorite fantasy has me living in my grandmother's old house, Y Bwythn, in North Wales. If DM wanted to be there, he could be - he'd love the ranching life and having all those mountains to ride or hike. Plus, it's absolutely beautiful. My grandmother no longer lives there, but her brother and his wife live and work the sheep there and the house can actually be rented out for holidays!

Y Bwthyn Cottage

A detached cottage which sleeps 4/5, in a secluded location on a 100 acre working sheep farm. Built in 1970, with an open fire and airy family kitchen. There is a small rockery garden with patio, picnic table and sunny aspect – enjoy alfresco dining to the sound of the nearby Nantcol waterfalls which border the farmland. Many guests stay for the excellent bird watching on the farm and extensive footpaths and mountain walks directly from the door. Within walking distance of Llanbedr village via footpaths and woods. Just 15mins drive to excellent beaches and Harlech with its historic castle and Internationally-renowned St David’s golf course. Pets by arrangement.

Sounds nice, doesn't it??? Believe me, it is. Someday, I want to be there for the bluebells in May.

So... there's my fantasy life - go visit the links above to see what the other participant's fantasy lives are!


Peter said...

You've been saving these up for a while now haven't you? all sound very worthwhile too.
BTW a working sheep farm in Australia tends to be several thousand acres.

min said...

I have a gentleman friend who does the RV thing. He says it's great...once you've learned how to avoid all the things that can go wrong.
(e.g. tires $400.00 apiece, butane hook-up dos and don'ts, which narrow or mountainous roads to avoid...etc.)
You have great vision!!

Sayre said...

Peter - Is Australia as lush as Wales? It's very green almost all the time. Possibly makes it more land-efficient. Also, the people in question are in their 90s, so 100 may be about all they can handle.

Mindy - I've known a few people who do that. Between the tires and the gas mileage, doing much actual traveling might be a bit prohibitive, but parking it somewhere for a few months at a time wouldn't be bad. And of course ALL my fantasies hinge on having enough money to pull them off!

Janis said...

I like #2 n 3...Love the beauty of both places.

Faye said...

Have always thought the RV thing would be an ideal way to see the natural wonders of the US. And how great that you still "like" DM enough to travel with him when you're older! My best friend and travel buddy doesn't enjoy traveling with her husband--he's too impatient.

I hope you get to visit Wales before too long, even if it's not for an extended stay.

Jill said...

The thing about fantasies is you have to have money. We will never have money. Not that I'm aware of anyway, we don't play the lottery, so..

Sayre said...

Janis - and #1 lets me GO to beautiful places. I guess that means something to me.

Faye - DM is a marvelous traveling companion. He and I talk the whole way (we've crossed country several times together in a car). The only reservation I have about him and the RV thing and the Wales thing is that he's very tall and has a large personal space. Those two places are quite small, so he might not feel totally comfortable with them.

Jill - it always comes down to money, doesn't it? Fortunately, dreams don't cost much.

karisma said...

Sounds great to me! I also plan to do the RV thing very soon and then settle on a farm. You can keep the bed and breakfast though. SB keeps telling me thats what we will be doing when the kids move out but I think I will be moving out with them if he takes that course. I am totally OVER cleaning up after other people and do not plan to do it for the rest of my life thank you very much.

Gattina said...

Geez, that deluxe RV is huge ! To drive with that through Europe would be a big challenge !
You will see once your boy is grown up, you will anyway start a new life ! In fact we all have 3 lives. First as a young couple very much in love, then as young happy parents, followed by a period of being "unhappy" parents, and then again a couple, much older of course and different too. Keep this post and read it in 20 years, lol !

Sayre said...

Karisma - Oh, but I wouldn't be cleaning unless I wanted to - remember, I'll have an outstanding staff!!!!

Gattina - Yep. It's a home on wheels. There will be places I couldn't go in it. There are places in New Mexico where the roads remind me very much of little towns in Europe. DM and I are about halfway through phase II. There are shades of teenager-to-come in our almost 11 year old now.

Mom said...

Cousins Ken and Kathy have built several RV sites on their farm in NC, and have started an "RV & Breakfast" business. You park your RV overnight in one of their spaces, and go up to the main house in the morning for a real farm breakfast. This is right up Kathy's alley, as she loves people, and is a perfect hostess.

Swampy said...

I wish I had gotten in on this one...but, as you already know, my last few days have been full of cough, hack, sniffle, snuffle, and snot-a-lot.
As for your comment at my place concerning the zebra...I don't care who you are that's funny !

gayle said...

I love all of them!! I could see me doing any of them!!