Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Is it time to stop? FM lives or dies

Janis and I have been discussing this a little... Is Fun Monday winding down? It seems that every week it's like pulling teeth to get a volunteer to host the following week.

Perhaps it's time to give it a rest. After these many years, it seems a shame to let it go. I, for one, have enjoyed it because the challenges that come forth often bring back memories that I had forgotten. That's a good thing for my blog, as I am writing it for my son to read in the future.

So - a vote? Do we continue or do we let it go? If we continue, there needs to be volunteers though. A few people can't keep it going alone.

Leave your thoughts in the comment section and we'll see what the consensus is. If you're reading this and know of another FM'er, direct them here so we can get a real idea of what everyone is thinking.



Faye said...

Ah, it does seem like the handwriting is on the wall, doesn't it? In my case Fun Monday has been a great way to get started in a blog community. It's also a great challenge to come up with a post based on someone else's topic. What about taking a couple of months break and then say around the first of June one of the regular Fum Monday bloggers send out a general inquiry--do we want to start back again after the break or let it RIP?

Janis said...

Hi Sayre...I think we should take a break from Fun Monday...perhaps the entire summer, since folks are busy with yard work n summer vacations. Maybe Starting up again in early September. I will do a post on it if you like, to let players know.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sayre,

Even though I don't have a blog I like to follow you guys!

Maybe keep it going just for you.

Change the title to Monday's Memories.


Jan said...

Since I participated last week, after months of absence, I'll throw in my 2 cents worth.

FM was originally started to be Fun and to be a Show and Tell. Show us ----, and tell about it. Remember, the first one that caused it to go forward, was Show me what's outside your front door.

My opinion is that if FM returns to a Show and Tell format, instead on essays, it will be successfully rejuvenate. If it remains essay-ish, it'll continue to fade.

Gattina said...

I think we shouldn't vote, we should just continue ! Maybe the themes shouldn't be too difficult and more funny, as the title says "FUN MONDAY". It's interesting to know how we live in our different countries. Now I know how people shop and what they ate at school from Singapour to the States, over Europe and Australia !
I can do it for Monday and make an easy one. For example : Do you use umbrellas? If yes, show us a picture.

The Church Lady said...

Keep it going!! But, keep it simple! I love Gattina's idea. Let's go with it!!!!

joangee said...

Agree with Gattina and the Church Lady
Show n tell seems a good way to go