Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's one of those days...

I didn't want to get out of bed this morning. French woke me and demanded to be let out around 1:30 this morning. He apparently came in again when Darling Man left for work because at 7am, I found him curled up next to my knees. And when DM got up, Revan, the big dog, came in, laid his head on the bed and snorted at me. Oh, and by the way, DM gets up EARLY. I finally got up feeling more tired than when I went to bed.

ZBoy, thankfully, got out of bed all happy and ready to start his day. I fed him and took him to school, then came home to get ready for work.

The shower was good. Then I put on my socks and my shoes - and forgot my pants. Had to remove the shoes, put on the pants and then the shoes again. Argh!

I did get to work. Because of some unknown glitch in my computer, I had to delete and redo 8 days of work. The computer didn't know what day came after Friday. Argh!

So I'm trying to do Saturday and there's a new glitch. It won't let me delete something in the program log. So I remove the entire thing and regenerate it - and that THING is still there! It's holding 4:02 of time hostage and I can't get rid of it. However, if I delete everything again right down to nothing, this will be the FOURTH TIME I've done this! ARGH!

I'm not sure what the answer is to all of this. I could try calling support, but I'm not sure they'd know what to do with it. After all these years, I have never seen this phenomenon before - and I've been here way longer than anyone in support has been there.

Some days you get up and you just know... it might have been better to just stay in bed.


karisma said...

Must be something in the air...I have had about one hour sleep and am still wide awake. Its morning now anyway! LOL

I am thinking you may have felt a bit of a chill had you left without your pants! LOL! Now that, would have made a great picture!

Hope the rest of your day goes better for you! mwah xoxox

Karmyn R said...

There are definite days when you should stay in bed!!!

Janis said...

I hate when i have days like that...hope tomorrow goes better!

Hoosier Girl said...

I'm really sorry. Tomorrow will be better.


Pamela said...

I think you could sell that for a basis for a new show on TV. 24, Fast Forward, Lost, and now 4:02

Gattina said...

Fortunately these days are over and belong to the past, lol ! If I want to stay in bed I just have to feed my cats !