Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Mirror Has Two Faces

You know, a lot of people have an idea of what they look like, some physical ideal they carry around in their heads. It doesn't have to have anything to do with reality - they move they way they feel.

This is me in my head.

This is me - in reality.

Is it any wonder that I feel a bit schizophrenic in my body image? Still, that doesn't keep me from trying to get away from my hobbit body and inhabiting my Navi-body. Though I'd rather not be blue. Or have a tail.


Ari_1965 said...

I think I'd enjoy having blue skin. I wonder if I still have rosacea? Rosy cheeks on blue skin? Might be cute.

Sayre said...

I have rosacea too. Actually, blue would be a nice change!

karisma said...

Haha! "I see you Sayre!" I also hear you, I think Im a bit the same way.

Liane Michel said...

Well it's obvious.... give up the pipe man!

Seriously, we all have those visions.. or at least I do...plus the rosacea. I've learned that I will never see myself the way others do... and I think that may be true for everybody. Remember that please.

Faye said...

But wouldn't the tail come in handy if you wanted to hang from a tree? :-) My sweet pilates teacher says that we're too hard on ourselves when it comes to body image. Me, I think it's hard to argue with the mirror.

Swampy said...

We played a game once: "What would you do with a tail if you had one?"
We were lying on top of a house boat at night in the middle of Lake Powell. There were about 8 of us.
It's a wonder someone didn't roll off into the water because we laughed so hard.
So, how would you use your tail if you had one?

Native Mom said...

Don't forget the pointy bat-like ears! Who'd want those?