Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

"Please leave me be."


karisma said...

Oh I love the last shot, you should make that your header! Fantastic!

Sayre said...

There is a story behind the gnome. My husband and son have been walking this park for quite a while there, and were charmed to find a tree that was home to a gnome. Every walk, they'd visit the gnome. Then one day, he was gone! There's this persnickety woman who takes it upon herself to tell people what to do out there and apparently she decided that there shouldn't be a gnome in that tree. DM and Z missed the gnome.

I've been wanting one for my yard and some very cute resin ones went on sale at a local drug store. By the time I got there, only two were left. I bought a lovely blue gnome, leaving the one in the green jacket behind. The next week, DM and Z went and got him and took him to his new home in the tree. They made the sign for him so hopefully the lady with a bad attitude will leave him alone.

gayle said...

Oh that is such a sweet idea and I love your pictures!! Yes, hopefully the "lady"? will leave it alone!!