Saturday, April 03, 2010

Excellent day

Spring has definitely arrived in Tallahassee. If yesterday's post didn't give you a hint, perhaps the fact that I spent much of the morning and early afternoon today raking oak leaves and blowing pollen off the back porch (and everything in the vicinity) would clue you in.

We're not just talking about yellow dust, but big ol' CHUNKS of pollen!

It's hell on the sensitive respiratory system. I have had such a respiratory system for the last two years, but this year it doesn't seem to be bothering me as much. That side deck is going to become my container garden area. We never use it for anything as it's right there next to the neighbor's side porch and but for a boxwood hedge between it and the road, not terribly private. But I stumbled on using it for my containers, which didn't quite work out in the main thoroughfare of our back yard last year. We'll see how it goes. Hopefully I will spend some time tomorrow starting seeds and getting stuff arranged out there.

But this afternoon was spent away from home... I took Z and his friend William out to Red Dragon Farm today. The trip had several goals. One of which was to meet my newest niece - Odie!

Isn't she gorgeous? She's nine months old and crawls, pulls up, but doesn't walk just yet.

My brother John asked our family friend (and professional photographer) Eric to come take some pictures. Odie is quite enamored of the flash. It makes her giggle.

John is quite adept at the fatherly duties. I love this diaper-changing attachment for the portable crib - wish such a thing existed 10 years ago when my own kid was still having HIS diapers changed!

The other reason we were at the farm was to celebrate this guy: Walker turned 16!
He got an awesome birthday gift from John. They drove down to Orlando and he got to go "skydiving" in a wind tube. They got a dvd of the whole thing and it looked like so much FUN! Most excellent birthday present ever, according to Walker.

And what would be a birthday without cake and ice cream? I had the ice cream, but skipped the cake. One more day to Easter....

After a good nap (and the party), Odie was dressed in a gorgeous little blue dress and had her picture taken by Eric.

While the picture-taking was going on, Dad introduced Darling Man to this hat. A real, Russian fur hat. That thing is so warm, it could boil your brain, according to Dad. DM tried it on anyway. Said he had the genetic makeup to withstand the heat. I think that's code for "thick skull"... Looks like he's going to demand my papers any minute!

More picture-taking happened in the back yard, where Odie was feeling the effects of our amazingly generous pollen bloom this year. Her poor little nose! Running and sore. Every wipe was probably torture.

I think she did pretty well with all the strangers and loud voices... and the pollen. Welcome to the family, Odie!
And happy, happy birthday, Walker!


karisma said...

Oh she is adorable!

gayle said...

Love your pictures!! The pollen is terribel right now!!

Liane Michel said...

Isn't it awesome that Odie is wearing the same thing as her photographer!