Sunday, April 04, 2010

Veggies Today

The gardening madness continutes...

A few weeks ago, my blogbuddy Florida Cracker offered some heritage datil pepper seeds to his readers. I wrote to him and asked for some. They came but weather and everyday busy-ness kept me from doing anything with them... Until today!

The bug has bitten me this year. Ive decided to make another go at the container gardening. I think I may have it planned out a little differently - so perhaps I can have a little success this year. These are the tomato seeds from the Upsy/Downsy tomato planter Darling Man gave me for my birthday:

These are squash and cucumber. I'm experimenting a little. I'd bought what I thought was a mini greenhouse to start my seeds, but it turns out that it was just refills for the real thing. Since I don't want to go back to buy the real little greenhouse thing, I put them in the soil of some of these pots and in the water catch underneath with seeds. We'll see if they sprout better with those than without them.

I cleared off the side deck, what we never seem to use. Two huge garbage bags full of leaves! I brought a rainbarrel home from Red Dragon Farm after our visit, cleaned it out and set it up in the corner. I still need to build a screen cap for it so I can keep out the leaves, twigs and suicidal squirrels.

I put the planting pots up on little tables and stools for easy reach. They have dirt in them, but not plants as yet.

This is a fish pond that we've been using to wash the dogs in. The dogs aren't dumb though - when they see this thing come out, they go hide. So DM came up with an easier way to wash the dogs and this has been under the porch ever since. I'm going to ask him if I can put holes in the bottom and use this as a planter as well.

I'm really hoping this works. Not only will I actually enjoy doing the gardening, but perhaps we can eat our homegrown, organic vegetables without having to pay through the nose for them at the grocery store!


gayle said...

You are so smart doing all this planting!!

Sandcastle Momma said...

Good luck! I'm excited to see how everything grows.