Sunday, May 16, 2010

Good Weekend

It was a good weekend.

For Darling Man, it started on Friday, when I suggested that he might want to go to Dog Island rather than Wakulla Beach to fish. It's been a long time since he did something like that. Dog Island is only accessible by boat or air. It's about three miles off shore. DM would kayak out there, fish a while, then kayak back. I expected he'd be late.

Dog Island is that little bump out there in the middle of the water. When he got there, he took a picture of the beach. I encouraged this trip because given the situation in the Gulf with the never-ending oil spill, I thought he'd want to spend some time on his precious waters and fishing from a still pristine beach. Who knows when he'll be able to do that again?

While Darling Man was fishing, ZBoy and I went to the mall and stopped off at Barnes and Noble for coffee and a snack. (Z had hot chocolate). We roamed the aisles and came away with a few books.

Saturday, DM had to work on a baseball game, so Z and I had the afternoon and evening to ourselves - so we invited my friend Kelly and her kids to come jump in the pool and cook out hot dogs. The mosquitoes have been horrible, so we tested out one of those Off Clip-Ons. We also lit a couple of lemongrass candles. I don't know that I had a bug shield around me, but neither one of us got bitten by a mosquito - so I guess it worked!

We've only just begun working in the back yard. The grass has been trimmed and we cut back the banana trees, which just keep popping up again. The shrimp plant has also decided to make a comeback. I think dense foliage around the deck is part of the mosquito problem. Perhaps next weekend, I'll spend a little time cleaning out the bed down there.

Sunday was also kind of lazy. Kurt came over to go for a bike ride with DM, and brought Kylee with him to stay here with me and Z. I did what any good mama/granny does when faced with two kids. I threw them in the pool.

I don't think they minded much.

While they were in the pool, I sat on the back porch reading. At least I did until Misha jumped up on the table right in front of me and gave me a meaningful look.

Poor kitty with all that hair!!! She had mats around her collar, which I cut off. Then I got an idea. Revan felt so much better when I clipped his hair really short... would Misha like that too?

I think she did. She laid there very calmly while I snipped a bit. Then I got out the clippers, expecting her to jump down and run away - but she didn't! She let me shave her back and sides, but when I rolled her a little to do her tummy, she freaked a bit. I stopped there. My goal was to make her more comfortable - not to upset her. She looks a little funny half-shaved, but I'm betting she'll come back and ask me to finish the job in the next day or two.

I hadn't pulled out the clippers yet, in this picture - this was just scissor work.
When Darling Man and Kurt got back from their ride, DM fired up the stove outside and fried some of the lovely red fish he caught on Dog Island. It was delicious! The dogs seemed to think it might be interesting too.
The tails just cracked me up.
It's good to have a weekend when you accomplish very little from time to time.

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gayle said...

You had fun and that is the best kind of weekend!!