Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Toe Saga with a little hair thrown in

It's been quite a week at Chez Smiles... First I went a little nuts with the dog clipper. I clipped the dog. And the cat. And my son. And my husband. They all were so nice and cool that I decided I wanted MY hair cut too - but DM would agree to the same kind of cut they got.

Not the best picture in the world, but it shows the cut. Hair is off my neck. Nice and cool and I can towel dry it and go - hurray!!!

On to the toe... I got up Tuesday morning (after cutting DM's hair in the kitchen the night before) and walked right into the chair that's not usually in there. I wanted to scream, but didn't. The Roast Beef Piggy and the Had None Piggy immediately swelled up like mini-balloons.

Yes, I have vienna sausage toes, but those two in the middle aren't usually that big. You can just see a hint of blue beginning below the nail on Had None. I took them all to the doctor, who determined that there was no break at the base of the toe, but couldn't say for sure about the rest without an x-ray. The x-ray would be pointless, however, as it wouldn't change the treatment and there was no apparent disfigurement. It just hurt like hell and was all swollen up.

I iced them down and swelling lessened a bit, but the purple which had been just between the toes decided to start creeping around the front of the toe.

The good news is... I don't think it's broken anymore. I'm not talking about spontaneous healing - I'm saying it maybe wasn't broken at all - just severely bruised. It hurt like hell yesterday, but today not so much. I don't think a break would stop hurting just like that, hence the change of belief about the nature of this injury. Don't get me wrong - it still hurts (when it's not numb from ice), and if I put pressure on it, it REALLY hurts. But it doesn't do that all the time. Which is good. I really don't need another broken part to ache in bad weather. I can deal with my hands and my ribs, but feet are different.


Sandy said...

This post was so much nicer than the hairy toes that I was

karisma said...

Love the hair cut! I am tempted to go that bit shorter too but the hair police around here won't let me! LOL! I am loving the lightness of having half the hair I used to.

Hope your toe heals quickly. Poor you! :-( Hugs xoxoxox