Wednesday, May 12, 2010

We've got FM VOLUNTEERS!!!!

Hurray!!!! Volunteers have come out of the woodwork and we are now covered through to the end of May (when Church Lady comes back and confirms...).

I always list the Fun Monday host and the topic in my sidebar as soon as he/she's found, so if you're ever lost and don't know the host or topic, you can come here to check it out.


Debs said...

Wonderful that it is covered for a few weeks. :)

The Church Lady said...

GREAT NEWS~~! Yes, I confirm that I will host FM on May 31st.

karisma said...

Yay! I will try to make more of an effort to join in. I was just thinking how sad that so many old friends are not blogging any more.

I clicked on Thom's link and it says "come back later" ???? (I am intrigued with the word shoes..hehe...I don't wear them much!)