Thursday, June 24, 2010

Catching Up

Things have been crazy busy around here lately. Nothing earth-shattering, just going, going, going from the time I get up to the time I fall into bed. Highlights of the past week include:

Meeting Island Rider and her husband at the Automobile Museum. I'd never met her before, though I've been following her blog for a long time. We "Florida Bloggers" gotta stick together!!! Anyway, she was coming through town on her way to her vacation destination so ZBoy and I went to meet her. She gave me this lovely piece of glass that she made (she's VERY good!) which now lives on my entryway table and is one of the first things you see when you walk through my front door. We had a wonderful time wandering around the museum and chatting. ZBoy had finally seen "Back to the Future" the previous week and was thrilled to find a Delorean at the museum.

In addition to our visit with Island Rider, I had to get my house in company shape for a swarm of Ohio family that was visiting. My house isn't huge, but it managed to contain everyone in comfort for a few hours. It was blisteringly hot, so Z, me, and one of the cousins jumped in the pool where it was lovely and cool. Darling Man grilled burgers and we all ate lots of good food, talked a lot of good talk, and finished up with hugs all around and promises to keep in touch better in the future.

Then Jesse showed up. He's ZBoy's best friend of a few years. Last year his mom got a job in Las Vegas, so they moved. Z and Jesse have been keeping up with email and playing games online. Since Jesse's grandparents live in Ocala and he was coming back east to visit, it was arranged for him to spend a week with us. It's been a busy week! He's leaving on Monday and I know my boy will miss him terribly.

While Jesse's been here, we've seen Toy Story 3 (great flick!), gone to the beach, and picked blueberries on the farm.

It appears to be a bumper crop this year, so we're returning on Saturday with my friend Jennifer and her family in tow to pick some more. Wednesday we picked enough to make a pie - which all but disappeared immediately. The next morning there was just the tiniest sliver left. Darling Man makes a mean blueberry pie - and I hope he'll make another one on Sunday with the berries we pick on Saturday!!!

Oh - and in between all of this, Darling Man and I have also been attending to our full time jobs. Depending on what shift he needs to be there for, I've been either going into work at 6am or somewhere between noon and 1pm. An eight-hour day later, then dinner and a little GameShow Network and I'm ready to crash.

The boys are old enough to stay up and entertain themselves. They play video games or watch a movie late into the night - long after Darling Man and I have retired. They stayed up until 2am one night, so last night I set an alarm for them to make sure they got to bed around midnight. That's plenty late for a couple of 11-year olds!

So you see, I haven't abandoned you - I'm just taking a little break while I attend to this thing called life.


Sandy said...

Life? What makes you think you get to have a life?????

Sounds like a terrific, if hectic, week. Carry on!

Island Rider said...

It was great to meet you too. Back to real world for me tomorrow. Sigh.

Pamela said...

I can eat a whole bowl of b/b just in one sitting. I throw them in my mouth by the handfuls.
We planted a "service berry" tree (in my quest to attract different birds to our back yard, and the fruit tastes very similar to blueberries.

Birds have arrived, too!