Sunday, June 06, 2010

Fun Monday - Summertime!

I'm hosting this week! Because my son's last day of school was this past Friday, what's going to happen this summer has been on my mind a lot. Which in turn made me wonder what all of you are doing this summer? Any big plans, little plans... no plans?

In years past, we've sent our son to summer camps - about one every other week. He loved going, but as money got tighter and tighter, we found that sending him to camp was not really an option anymore. So Darling Man and I had to get creative. We are very lucky in that we're somewhat flexible in the hours we work, so we've worked out a schedule that allows us to be with our boy during the summer.

Last year was a lot of playing for him. This year will be different.

We have decided to do about an hour of home-school a day throughout the summer. He had a little difficulty with math and writing in the last couple of grading periods this year, so he needs to get up to speed so that he'll be ready to start middle school next August. We have his workbooks from math, and the writing is more to stop it from being an occasion for panic when asked to do it. We have a pen pal set up for the summer, and I want him to write a summer journal this year too. I'm also thinking about a weekly writing assignment.

But what about fun? Well, we'll be spending quite a bit of time riding the bike trail... And cooling off in the swimming pool afterwards!

And investigating new and better ways of eating. My container garden is getting in the groove now. I have a tomato about the size of my thumbnail, and two more that are about pinhead size, but I'm encouraged. The cucumber plants look a bit reedy, but are producing flowers, and the eggplant is under attack by invisible invaders. Gonna try some cayenne and garlic to see if that takes care of it. And some marigolds. We'd like to be doing some of our eating out of these containers!

And fresh fruits and veggies that don't come from my "garden" might be coming from the farmer's market. We're blessed with several good ones around town at varying times during the week.

When I'm not working, I plan to have a very physical and active summer. You see, I have a specific reason now for weightloss on a deadline.

My brother is getting married at the end of October, and it looks like I may get to go see it myself. But if I do, it means sitting on an airplane for sixteen hours. That's never a comfortable thing to do, but it's even more uncomfortable at my size. Any guesses as to where the ceremony is to take place?

Thanks for coming by! Now go visit the other participants this week, and don't forget to check in with Gattina for next week's assignment later this week.

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Faye said...

Hong Kong or Tokyo wedding? Wild guess. I love your approach to summer for both The Boy and the adults. A little structure and a lot of taking advantage of what's around you. Enjoy.

P.S. I hear you about the long plane rides--the skinnier the better.

Gattina said...

What a nice summer program, except maybe for your boy, lol ! I always hated when I had to learn during holidays !! but sometimes it is a necessity !
OK, I'll host with pleasure next monday !
I just came back from Morocco,my first holidays this year !

Jill said...

I'm playing too! Sorry! Please link me up! Thanks!

joangee said...

I hadn't realised your hols began so early! How long do they go on for?
Most schools here continue until the 3rd week in July.
My plan if you can call it such is to avoid places over the summer until things quieten down once more (smile)

Molly said...

My guess is Hong Kong. Thank you for hosting this week's Fun Monday. The extra summer work should help your son's school efforts. I wish you a great summer.

Jan n Jer said...

A little bit of school review this summer will only benefit Zboy. All kids should have some kind of review over the summer. Your bike trail looks so its 20 degrees cooler riding through those trees.

Swampy said...

So sorry I missed your Mon Funday...once again I'm on my broom flying around...and have landed, but not sure where...