Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fun Monday - Colors of our Lives

Mariposa is continuing her month-long marathon of hosting Fun Monday this week with a look at the colors that are a part of our lives.

All my life, my favorite color has been BLUE. Despite my mother's best efforts to assign me green, it is blue.

Let me explain... I am the first of six children. Six children means lots of clothes, lots of laundry, lots of tooth brushes, lots of hair brushes... lots of everything. And the easiest way to sort things out is to color-code them. So my mom, being the logical woman that she is, decided to color-code her kids. I was green. John was red. Jerry was blue. Andy was yellow, Matt was purple (at least that's how I think it went - the only one I'm sure of is that I WAS GREEN). By the time James came along, she didn't really need to color-code us anymore, so he escaped that one.

Anyway, not only were our toiletries and laundry baskets color-coded, but our ROOMS were too! I had green shag carpet, green tropical print curtains and matching bedding. My room was green, with accents of red and lots of white, french provencial furniture. I'm sure it was actually a lovely room - but it was GREEN.

Once the need to color code the kids had passed, I began working my way to blue. I wore jeans all the time. Anything I could have blue, I had blue. I think the one exception to that is that I've never had a blue car.

I wore blue shirts.

I like to keep my pool blue instead of green.

I even painted my office blue.

But I have to say that my very favorite blue is the blue of my son's eyes.

I find blue to be quite relaxing - something I seem to need a lot of. My bedroom is blue as is my bedding. And I sleep so well in there. My office is rarely the scene of irritation or ire. And my pool is a most relaxing place to hang out (when the mosquitoes are taking a break). Finally, I admit that it's hard to stay mad at a little boy when those blue eyes are looking back at me.

And after all these years, my second favorite color is... green.


Rupinder said...
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joangee said...

Thanks for sharing. Green's a colour I avoided for many years, and have only got into as I got older. Blue was the colour for school and to be avoided at all costs outside school.
I love lots of colours particularly purple.

Faye said...

Getting to know you Sayre! At the end of my FM post predicted that blue is your favorite color. Glad you finally escaped mom's color coding and got to surround yourself with blue. Really cute pic of the boy and his blue eyes--playing the comedian for mom? BTW, good luck with the start of school--big year for him? Middle school?

Jan n Jer said...

You picked my favorite color also. Blue is such a soothing color. That was a good idea your Mom had to color code your belongings...really made it easier for her n you to keep track of things at a glance

Anonymous said...

Color-coding wasn't a big problem for my younger sister and me. We had very definite preferences--I was pink, she was blue. (The older siblings were much older, so I have no idea what color codes they used, if any.)

Jill said...

we painted Keeley's big girl room bright orange. the guest room bright blue. she likes the blue one. rolling eyes here. however, if hers gets a bed in it, I'm sure she'll like it just as much. lol. She isnt' moving yet, though!

karisma said...

Haha! Same here, blue first, green second! Blue is a very healing calm colour. Love it!