Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fun Monday - Favorite Place in the House

This is the final week of Mariposa's marathon Fun Monday hosting duties! I will be taking over next week as the host of September.

For now, though, Mariposa's challenge was to show your favorite place in the house. My favorite place is always the one I just finished working on. In this case, it's ZBoy's middle school room.

I just love how the floor glows. It's old and worn, but that Orange Glo stuff does a nice job of spiffing it up. That's a little shag carpet that Z picked out.

I took away the corner shelf he had in there and gave him a regular book case. It's more practical and he really likes having it right next to his bed. Stormy has taken up residence by the door as there wasn't really anywhere else to put him.

The Desk. It's now filled with school supplies and has a chair in front of it. In the next day or two it will also have a computer on top of it. I cleaned out the closet and one shelf in there is dedicated to school stuff.

The bed. Complete with Fuzzy the teddy bear. I can't let my little boy grow up TOO fast. He wanted the bed I've been sleeping on, so we traded. He LOVES this bed! It's kind of grownup and manly looking, don't you think? Even with Fuzzy on it? I also love that he wanted to keep the muralled walls for now.
Come back on Thursday for a more indepth explanation of what I want you to do on the next Fun Monday!


Janis said...

Z boys room is looking good. Glad he still likes the mural. You put a lot of work into it.

joangee said...

What a great room! Lucky guy to have such a creative Mom. The scenes on the walls take my breath away. You are so talented! Thanks for sharing.

Faye said...

I think that it's great that ZBoy is still interested in his room and that it's decorated even though he's a big middle school guy. Plus, allows his mom to get her decorating groove on!