Monday, August 02, 2010

Fun Monday - Shoes!

Sorry I'm late! Mariposa has graciously agreed to host Fun Monday for the month of August and her topic today is our favorite shoes!

The one pictured above is mine. I actually have an aversion to Nike, but I love my Nike Pegasus running shoes! The aversion comes from that brand name weaseling it's way in to everything and slapping its logo on anything that doesn't move. When they took over the university that I work for, that was the last straw. It also killed whatever little fandom I felt for the university. I hate the commercialism that has invaded every last bit of normal life. So I vowed to never buy anything with a Nike logo on it.

Then one day, I decided I might like to try running. Shoes are important in that sport, so I took myself off to Sports Authority in search of appropriate foot attire. I had no idea shoes cost that much. $85 for this pair, $110 for that pair - for someone as under-endowed with financial assets as I am, it fairly took my breath away. I've never paid that much for an overcoat, much less a pair of shoes! After trying on and rejecting many pairs of shoes, the saleswoman I was working with said, "Hey, let's check the clearance rack!" And there she found my shoes. $40 (which was still a stretch for me) sounded much more reasonable than $110! And they were the ONLY pair that felt right on my feet.

So even though I hate where they came from, my favorite shoes are my Pegasus!


Janis said...

I hear you on the over commercialization on some products such as NIKE. I feel sorry for parents who try to keep up with name brands for their kids...really don't know how they can afford it. I will not pay over 35$ for a pair of sneakers and I get the name brands..when they go on sale.

~sWaMpY~ said...

I put on my running shoes and 'ran' over just to say hi.
So busy here. Can't believe it's already 9:30 p.m. Can't believe I was so unproductive today.
Time to take off my running shoes and head to bed.

Sandy said...

Don't you hate when that happens? I'm old enough that I still remember when "gimme" caps were free from whatever company they were advertising. Now you have to pay big bucks to advertise their stuff. Just doesn't seem right somehow.

Gattina said...

That's the kind of shoes I also wear most of the time. I don't care the brandmark they have to be comfortable.

cynicalgirl said...

All these companies should pay us to wear their logos (says the woman who just bought a Nike duffel bag so she could carry everything in a lightweight carryon...). Still can't post under my Wordpress ID--what's up with that? :(

Mariposa said...

LOVE the shoes! I love Nike too...and but lately I've shifted to Fila. :)

Thanks for playing....have a great week!