Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fun Monday - The Quiet Place

My march through September as host of Fun Monday is drawing closer to the end... for this week, I wanted to know about your "quiet place." Life is crazy and everyone needs a way to escape from the crazy and renew themselves. Where is YOUR quiet place? Do you take refuge in music? Massage? Meditation? Exercise? What is your escape from the world - even for just a little while?

Things have been hectic around here. My husband had knee replacement surgery. My son started back to school. Work's report calendar rolled around in June and is due again in October. We had a pledge drive. Then there's the day-to-day of making sure everyone eats, that the animals are taken care of, that the house is clean and in good repair, and people have clothes to wear. Every night I fall into bed exhausted and wake up feeling like there is never enough sleep. Obviously, I need to find a way to escape without actually going anywhere!

Back before I had ZBoy, my quiet place was smoking. A smoke break took me outside away from people. I usually had a book with me and I could sit for 15 or twenty minutes, smoking and reading and being very far away from my life. I actually smoked until Z was about 6, then gave it up for good when I discovered that I couldn't finish a sentence without running out of air. For a while, I also gave up my quiet place.

Reading alone is a good place to escape to, but without the cigarette, people feel like they can interrupt you. So as wonderful as reading was, it didn't work for me the same way anymore.

I used to like riding my bike. For this to work, you have to ride alone though. Not with a husband who's taunting you to keep up or a son who's whining at you to slow down or with dogs who like to take off into the woods and leave you on the trail yelling their names and getting a bit steamed. But a ride alone on the bike trail is a lovely way to escape for a while! It doesn't happen nearly enough.

So I've been casting about for a quiet place. My husband's surgery actually showed me where it was. In the pool.

We have a very nice above-ground pool that is plagued by algae and things that drop into it from the trees above. When Darling Man became incapacitated, it fell to me to try to keep the pool clean. At first, I resented this, but as time went by and I realized that my mind was free to wander while I vaccuumed the crud off the bottom of the pool, it became my refuge. Every other day, I'd get in there with my brush and hose and suck the bottom off, then skim the debris from the surface. After a couple of hours, my soul was calm, my body cool - and the pool was sparkling!

Fall is arriving though and it's almost time to close down the pool for the winter. Where will my next quiet place be? In a paint brush? Or my lawnmower? Or in the scrubbing of kitchen cabinets?

Sorry for the lack of pictures - my main computer is down and this one doesn't do pictures - so I had to make it a wordy Fun Monday for me.

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And if you have a quiet place you'd like to share, let me know in the comments and I'll add a link to your blog!


Pamela said...

Hey.. I've got my quiet thought up.

Pamela said...

You are right. There are some mundane things that can really calm the soul.

Jan n Jer said...

You are such an industious person that just working on a project seems to me would be your quiet place.

Molly said...

Thanks Sayre for this topic. In creating my post, I immediately thought of places that I could sit and let my mind wander. In reading your post, I realized that quiet places can certainly be active instead of just a place to vegetate. Riding a bike, chilling in the pool, and quiet walks offer wonderful moments for reflection.

Jill said...

I'll play as soon as my blog starts working. I too, enjoy just busting down some chores when I want some quiet. Don't get it often enough!

Faye said...

Many times bringing order to your life and your home is like a meditation. Remember the time when I deep cleaned my home every season, changing decorations to fit the new season. How peaceful to have that newly ordered home. I think you have this gene as well, Sayre.

Ah,reading. I hear you. Quiet places can be between the covers of a book but sometimes those around you don't understand. Do you ever have the feeling that child and husband are staring at you, willing you to lay down the book and talk? Used to get that with my sister when she was temporarily living with me.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why it is that people think it's okay to start up a conversation when someone is trying to read?!?

Even Mr. AP will do it. Half the time I'm so engrossed that I don't even realized he is talking to me. But then he does something to get my attention and I find myself irritated that he's interrupting my reading time.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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