Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fun Monday - Refridgerator Art

Faye continues her hosting duties throughout the month of October:
Your assignment for October 11 is to share a photo of your refrigerator door. What do you have displayed on it? What does this focal point of your kitchen say about you and your family?

Here's my refridgerator. Pretty busy place! Every now and then, I think about cleaning it off and just having a nice clean surface - but it would just be a matter of time before it looked like this again. I love the stuff that's on there now, and there are new additions all the time.

This is the side that faces the kitchen. Except for the chinese takeout menu, it's all my son's artwork.

This is the top left side. Some magnets (the cat looks like French). My grandmother and brother Matt after Grandma had eye surgery. Aren't they cool together? A picture of Arches National Park in Utah. Family portrait of a coworker/friend after her baby was born. ZBoy investigates the refrigerator as a baby. He started young. Darling Man holding Zboy when he was very little. And the heads sticking up from the bottom belong to my brother in law and his wife.

Next is a picture of me, Darling Man and SSK before we were married. Our dog Nikki. A No Whining magnet (yeah, that works). My boy with a birthday balloon in front of our old refridgerator. Darling Man and ZBoy love Christmas trees. Z in the red frame is holding a giant heart. The pink thing is a bookmark he made me when he was in preschool. And Z holding a somewhat creepy rabbit-head easter basket he made, also in preschool.

This is the bottom half of the fridge. More ZBoy artwork and magnets. A picture of 2-year old Z kissing his Buba, Darling Man and Z at the beach. Z playing with his first violin.

This is the other side of the fridge. More pictures of ZBoy, a turkey he colored, a fish he made a rubbing of. More art and the red heart magnet we got when we adopted Revan from Big Dog Rescue. Down at the bottom is a lady bug magnet with our granddaughter's picture in it, and a cat she drew.

She's really VERY good at drawing cats!

So there you have it - my refrigerator. I think it's been a while since I really looked at what is on it - and it's pretty apparent what the most important thing in my life is. He's all over it!


gayle said...

Same thing I have on mine except I can only put things on the side!! Love it!!

Janis said...

Yep, I think you have a pretty typical fridge. Lots of stuff on display!

Faye said...

One thing that remains constant in this display is the ZBoy smile. It's great! Love that you've kept his art work over the years and that he still wants it out. My friend Shirl kept a drawing of George Washington's cherry tree that her son made for years at different places in the kitchen.

BTW, I'm stealing your idea of favorite costumes for the last blog post for Oct. Since you'll be on your Korean adventure, you'll still be able to play.

Molly said...

Wow Sayre, you are making good use of your refrigerator surface, artwork and family photos.

Your granddaughter is very good at drawing cats

Jill said...

I can't wait for Keeley to do 'fridge' worthy work, besides the toddler time thing that basically I did for her, ha!

~sWaMpY~ said...

Your fridge is a work of it.
I've been away from home so long, I've forgotten what mine looks like.
We are flying this time, so no trips through your state...maybe next time.

The Church Lady said...

The refrigerator is the perfect place to post your favorite photos and artwork! So glad to see you have lots of both!

Peter said...

Now that's what I'm talkin' about!!! You have the whole childhood history there.

grace said...

I want the 'whinning' sticker!