Monday, October 04, 2010

Fun Monday

Faye is hosting Fun Monday this month and for today, she wanted to see our favorite family photo.

Sorry... I couldn't pick just one. Several sprung to mind when I first read her challenge, and I tried to narrow it down, but just couldn't. So here they are. All of the ones that I had available at least.

My previous post was an ode to my five brothers. We love and enjoy each other, but it is very rare for ALL of us to be together at the same time. We manage to pull it off about every 10 years, it would seem. I honestly don't even remember when this picture was taken, but if I had to guess, I'd say it was about 16 years ago.

Then, a little over 15 years ago, there was this one.

Six years after that, on my son's second birthday, I took this one. I loved it so much that I had it enlarged to poster size. The tot in yellow is my boy, whose hand is being held by his father, Darling Man, and bringing up the rear behind them is my own father.

This picture is one we call "Birthday Suit". I think this was about a year later.

Almost 10 years after the first picture, we all were together again - for this picture. We were out in that field for quite a while as our photographer Eric tried to get us all to look at him at the same time without goofy faces or closed eyes and smiling. Yep. Long time.

But this picture really is US. Everyone in this family goes in different directions. Some of us are paying attention at different times. But John brought his kids and I brought mine and this is as complete a family portrait as we've ever had. I hope we get to do another one in about four more years.

There you have it - SOME of my favorite family photos! Go visit Faye to see some others!


Jan said...

Oh, these are all wonderful. I loved you post about your brothers, and the last photo, here, is great.

The Church Lady said...

I didn't realize you were the only girl in your family! I knew you had brothers, though. All of your family photos are great, but I love, love the last one with all of you surrounding the tractor! What a great memory to capture!

Pamela said...

wonderful~! such a great follow up to your "admire" post.

I can relate to you as I had four bros. But I also had 3 sisters - which gave me another perspective, too.

Jill said...

sometimes it's the least pretty photos, or at least the ones that aren't taken with perfection in mind, that mean the most.

Janis said...

Those are all great photos Sayre. You are a close knit family and have lots of nice memories, how lucky you are. I am pretty close to my siblings also, I have 3 brothers and one sister.

Faye said...

You're surrounded by testosterone, Sayre! In the photo of you and your brothers (1st) is it my imagination that ZBoy favors his uncle on the front right in denim and sneakers? You're fortunate to have these family photos at different times.

Thanks for posting the Fun Monday topics. I haven't quite figured out the three column thing on mine.

Dawon said...

Your blog always make me feel happy too! I'm so glad to be a part of your family. :)

Sandy said...

Terrific photos, Sayre! I love the one of the three generations.

Molly said...

I like your selection of photos. You have handsome brothers, and you are a beautiful sister. Those photos that show a family together are treasures. The hand-in-hand picture is precious.