Friday, October 08, 2010

It Seems I have a Reputation

I was getting coffee upstairs at work on Friday when one of the administrator-types came into the mailroom (where we keep the coffee pot). She saw me and said, "Hey! We're having a Halloween party..."

At which point, I interrupted her. "I'm sorry.. I won't be here for Halloween this year. I'll be in Korea."

It was kind of funny, watching her face fall. She expressed disappointment because she always looked forward to seeing what I was going to do for Halloween. She's not the first person to say that to me this week.

It appears that I have a reputation.

When I dress up, I try to be unrecognizable. Usually, I pull it off.

To say that my husband is a little disturbed by my penchant for dressing up as a man is understating things a bit. Let me explain.

Most of the costumes for women are pretty slutty or just plain stupid. There isn't any middle ground. MEN, however, get the coolest costume choices!!! So if I have to be a "transvestite" for Halloween, so be it. I LOVED my Santa costume. The year after I got that, I used the beard and wig to create a wizard (though I can't find a picture of that - it was AWESOME).

The year after that, I attempted Queen Amadala from Star Wars. It didn't turn out exactly the way I'd anticipated, but no one knew who I was and it was a very cool costume! I had to make it from scratch because the only Amadala costume out there was the ripped up white body suit from the Geonosan Arena scene. Believe me, no one wants to see me in THAT.

The next year, one of my work friends was pregnant and due in November. So I put together a costume baby shower for her. We all came dressed up. I was at a loss, actually, but inspiration struck and after a quick visit to Goodwill, I came up with a five dollar costume that blew everyone's mind. And no one knew it was me in there.

Ladies and Gentlemen - meet Sweeney Todd.

It appears that I've passed the dress-up gene along to my son. And sometimes my husband likes to play along.

This is an improvised Dementor from Harry Potter. We used old videotape to simulate the rags.

My boy was also my cohort in playing Santa at Christmastime. He's a great elf!

And as Ron Weasley from Harry Potter... We spray painted his hair orange (though you can't really see it in this picture).

Wigs are a big hit at my house. When I get back from Korea, all those wigs will be on sale - time to stock up!

I did tell my coworker that I was going to be dressing up though. It's going to be for a wedding and I'll be wearing traditional Korean wedding attire.

This is not the actual dress (hanbok), but the styling is pretty traditional.

It's not Halloween, but I think it will be LOTS of fun!


ari_1965 said...

I don't have the dress-up gene. I barely get dressed at all. I think I Buddha and I shared an orange boa last year, that's all.

Liane Michel said...

You look like Santa in the first picture and Jerry in the fourth.

Jill said...

How fun! I agree on the slutty costumes. Not everyone wants to look like a tart. Jeez. I never thought about getting a wig for my girl, but I am sure she would enjoy it, so I may look into that after Halloween!