Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tin Roof - Rusted

When I came back from my time in Oklahoma, my grandmother urged me to go back to school. I'd gotten a year and a half of community college under my belt before getting married and moving away. School didn't seem to be an option while I was gone, but as soon as I got back, Grandma started pushing it again.

It was something I always said I'd do, that I'd get around to it one day. One day still hasn't arrived. It's hard enough to find time in a day to get exercise, much less go to a class or study or do homework when you have a child, a full-time job and a home to run.

I took an intense interest in what my son was learning - a little to his dismay. Often, I would say to him "I wish I could start this education process all over again and use it to the max this time around." I'm sure he's getting a little tired of that, as he's not as interested as I am.

So now, I'm trying something different. I'm working on learning a completely different language. Korean is beautiful to hear and to see, but my European tongue has been doing some amazing gymnastics trying to get the sounds to come out of my mouth.

A cousin graciously loaned me her Korean Rosetta Stone program. I've been through two of the lessons several times and gotten my score up to 100% on pronounciation, but my grammar is awful and my writing is worse. Vocabulary is okay. I've also been listening to a CD in my car every time I go somewhere. You would think that I'd be well on my way by now.

It seems that my brain has become a sieve. I was wondering why nothing seemed to be sticking when I realized... I haven't tried to learn anything really NEW since I was in high school! I don't count things that have a physical component - I learned to fly a plane, how to rock climb, how to mountain bike - but a purely mental effort at learning? Nothing since I was in school! It was a stunning revelation.

My brain is out of practice. In fact, it's rusted.

Perhaps learning Korean is the first step to getting my well-oiled brain back. I'm sure I'll be barely conversant (if that much) by the time I go, but I'm not giving up. Come November, we will have Koreans in our family and I want to be able to talk to them in their language. So after my trip, I will continue to study Korean. And once I get a handle on that, maybe Spanish. Then perhaps Welsh, just for grins.

Once my brain starts working the way it used to, who knows what I can learn?


Janis said...

Good for you...I dont know if I could learn another language at my age. My brian is pretty full. although since I have been blogging and photography, I think I am keeping my brian active. You go girl!!!!

Sandy said...

I know exactly how you feel. I did a little college and never graduated. I decided to become a board certified pharmacy tech when I was 54. I made it, but boy, it sure was hard. I read all the time but reading for pleasure and reading for comprehension and technical stuff is completely different. Congrats on getting as far as you have and my money is on you!

Liane Michel said...

The outfit you work for will pay up to 6 semester hours of education at "the outfit you work for", not including misc. lab or whatever fees and books... assuming you get accepted. I did it for 3 semesters and realized that going back to school in my 40s was a heck of a lot easier than going in my 20s. You should look into going back. You are not a single parent and you do not have a rusty brain... only an unoiled one!!

gayle said...

If you want to go back there is no time like the present!!

grace said...

Wow Sayre, I am proud of you for trying to learn another language, I am not sure I could do it, I think I have enough languages for now, I have heard Rosetta is a good way to learn a new language. I made the decision to go back to school and it is really time consuming but I know it will pay off. Hope you are doing well