Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 5 - Something You Hope to Do in Your Life

There are so many things I had hoped to do one day... and as time and age and ability have begun to run their natural course, things have dropped off the list. I had hoped to run a marathon this coming May with my friend Christin. A recurring achilles tendon injury put the final lid on that aspiration.

But for each thing that goes away, another goal, perhaps smaller and less impressive, takes its place. Maybe I can't run a marathon, but perhaps I can do a long bike ride like my youngest brother did this year with Braking the Cycle. In fact, I think it would be very cool if I could ride it with him next year or the year after that (when I turn 50!).

The other things I want to do:
1) Become an accomplished seamstress. I think making my own clothes would be a blast!
2) Learn more about carpentry. I've always wanted to design and make my own furniture.
3) Learn about plumbing. I guess you can see where this is going - I want to be able to take care of most everything in my house.
4) Plant a garden and actually be able to eat from it! This is going to take a lot for me - trust me on this.
5) Travel. My trip to Korea recently has whetted my appetite for foreign lands. Really, the only two places that hold no interest are India and France. Can't tell you why though.

Those are the things I want for me. I also hope to finish raising my boy to be a good man.

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Chris Sexton said...

I think, no...I already know way more about plumbing and carpentry than alot of people! I made myself a jumper when I was pregnant with my oldest, but found it impossible to hem up myself, so I never wore it. That was the only thing I've ever made.

karisma said...

I agree with Chris, you are well accomplished in a few of those areas! I bet you could easily accomplish the others too! You go girl!