Sunday, November 07, 2010

Fun Monday - Thanksgiving

Julie continues as our host for November... And this week's challenge is... the one I wrote last week! Scroll down to read what I think we'll be eating on Thanksgiving Day.

For this week though, I wondered about our Thanksgiving logistics. See, I never know exactly WHAT'S going to happen. Will we be at my parents' place? My brother-in-law's? Or will people converge on my house? This question seems to go unanswered until the last minute every year. It's kind of frustrating because there's not much time for me to prepare.

November is the busiest time of year for me. We're getting ready for a pledge drive at work. The Nielsen Reports are due. And I'm usually falling way behind on my NaNoWriMo novel by then...

Heck... I've already fallen way behind.

If you want some ideas for what to make for Thanksgiving, go visit Julie and see what other participants are cooking up!


Jan n Jer said...

For the first time that I can remember...we have no idea what we are doing this Thanksgiving. It really bugs me, because I am a planner but due to a recent move of a family member, the ball is in their court. Just waiting for them to make up their mind.

Sandy said...

I just had my first piece of pumpkin pie this season. It was wonderful - and it's really a vegetable dish, you know!

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving, wherever you land.

Jill said...

Why not rotate every year? My mom does every 3rd year with 2 of her sisters. Seems to work out best that way, everyone gets a break. Hey you could do 'x weeks of thanksgiving' along with my 8 weeks of cookies, lol. Make pie crust to freeze one week, buy a turkey for the fridge one week out, then prep the veggies the week of.. something like that. Are you doing nablopomo too? friend me if you are?

Teri said...

Hope you get to enjoy your day.

Good luck with everything.

Faye said...

Fund drive must be a very stressful time. Our public radio is doing something that I love this year. The sooner they hit their pre-determined goal the sooner the drive ends. For Thanksgiving, sounds like with your Korean trip and the work demands it's your year to bring the rolls and maybe a gallon of tea from McAllister's. :-)