Sunday, January 02, 2011

Fun Monday - What I Need to Survive Winter

January's host is Ari!

Theme for Jan. 3: I live in a climate with a long, cold winters. Over the years, I've built up a supply of clothing and items to keep warm and dry. I think of them as my arsenal for winter combat. What's in your winter weather arsenal? Or, if you don't have tough winters where you live, tell us about something you own that you wouldn't want to be without.

Um... I live in Florida. Don't snicker. It gets COLD here. Just not for prolonged periods of time. But it does get cold - really cold! I actually don't mind that much... I'd love it if it got cold more than it does already. But the big problem that I have with winters here is the dryness.

This is something I cannot live without. It's cool-mist humidifier. Not only does it put out a nice cool mist of moisture, but is a lovely white noise for sleeping.

Dry in Florida sounds very odd, given our amazing reputation for 100% humidity in the summers, but winters really do have very low humidity. When you add heating to that - well my throat dries out, my sinuses ache and my head hurts. Running this overnight as I sleep helps tremendously. Once we discovered this, we bought one for every bedroom so everyone gets the benefits of slightly moister air.

Now go visit Ari and see what the other participants can't live without in the winter! You can bet their answers will be different from mine.


Pamela said...

I need to get a new humidifier.
Why don't people use vaporizers anymore. I remember dropping some vapo-rub in one of those little numbers when our girls had a head cold. MMMM... warm memories.

Hope you got my little snowbird joke when you mentioned that you'd seen a Junco. I always think of Juncos when I hear that song "Oh little snowbird flap your wings and fly away"... and of retired folk heading for those warm Florida beaches.

Faye said...

I've wondered about the benefits of humidifierrs. With the heat on non-stop you do feel like you're drying up--nose, eyes, skin. Find that it actually helps to get outside even if it's cold. At least some moist air in the lungs.

Different topic--watched "My Boy Jack" on PBS Masterpiece tonight. Excellent, excellent. a new season of Masterpiece Theater is the best thing in January! Do you enjoy?

Sandy said...

I think that I will have to buy a humidifier - the air in our house is so dry. Also, sleeping during the day, a little white noise won't hurt either!

Enjoy your weather, even if it is

Molly said...

My parents lived in Naples. I loved visiting them during the winter. Even if it was cold, the temperature was always warmer than Indiana. I always felt fortified to handle the rest of winter after our Christmas trip.

Humidifiers never worked for us. But after looking at your space-age humidifier, perhaps, we should try one again.

joangee said...

It's the opposite for me here, you folk need humidifiers, I have to use dehumidifiers! Even then if we have cold weather like the run up to Christmas 2010 we need to mop the windows in the mornings...

Jill said...

It's not that dry here yet, but I'm sure it will be soon.

ari_1965 said...

I have a new humidifier. Mine is a blue penguin. I wanted the red hippo, but they were all sold out. I used have the green turtle but I wore it out.

One of the reasons I stick to these child-like humidifiers is that they don't require filters. Filters are so prone to mold and crud. I hate dealing with them. These non-filter ones are really easy to clean and vinegar out.

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