Monday, February 14, 2011

Fun Monday - Love, Love, Love

Molly continues her hosting duties by challenging us to talk about Valentine's Day:
Select and complete one the following options.
1. Tell us about a favorite gift that you have received or given for the holiday.

2. Show us a beloved Valentine treasure or card.

3. Describe the perfect Valentine present.

I've had bad love, adequate love, and great love.  In that order.  Each man has given me flowers. 

The first two went all out with a dozen roses.  The first one did that when I left him, thinking it would bring me back.  Flowers are wonderful, but not powerful enough to make me overlook some pretty bad things.
The second also showered me with roses on Valentine's day - usually because he'd done something I was mad at him about.  He did that a lot.  Sometimes it worked, sometimes not.

But the third man...  My favorite flowers are from him.  And they rarely come on Valentine's Day.  I get flowers he picked when he's out in the woods walking or riding his bike - and he's thinking of me.  They're tiny and varied and sometimes a bit bedraggled, but they're the most beautiful flowers I ever got because they tell me that I'm on his mind even when he's alone. 

Today is Valentine's Day - and he gave me roses.  Not long stems in a vase, but a tiny bush that I can plant and enjoy for a long time.  Those are my kind of roses.


karisma said...


Faye said...

I'm glad you've given the frogs the boot and ended up with your prince. Very fond of roses that must be planted. So much more "alive" than stiff lon stems in a vase. Noticed on FB that you gave your mom a very nice Valentine gift--good daughter!

Molly said...

A rose bush is a lovely gift, and the bedraggled flowers are a grand gift because he is thinking of you. My husband brought me a small bouquet of flowers for Valentine's Day this year. However, we do not always do gifts.

grace said...

aaaaww, that is so sweet and precious Sayre! He is a keeper!

Georgia Girls said...

That is just lovely! I'm a little too practical for flowers, too. Funny thing though, when I worked at the flower shop my Hub would still go down to like the grocery story and get me some flowers--even tho I got a 40% discount. I guess he said he wanted it to be a surprise. Somehow they just don't look the same when they are plopped in a vase instead of arranged. It's the thought, right?

joanygee said...

A rose bush is a great idea for a present and will give pleasure for years to come. That's my kind of rose too.