Thursday, March 03, 2011

Fashion is NOT my Forte

Everyone has one in their life.  That person who's flair for fashion makes you feel frumpy even on your best days.  Lucky me... I have TWO of them!

I admit it...  when it comes to clothes and makeup and such, I'm definitely challenged.  Always have been.  I'm not exactly a girly-girl.  I prefer sneakers or bare feet to heels.  Jeans to slacks.  T-shirts to just about anything that has to be ironed.  I don't color my hair or wear makeup on a regular basis.

But sometimes, it's necessary to clean up your act a bit.  Weddings qualify.  Looking in my closet though, I realized I was in trouble.  I had nothing even remotely appropriate.  Sweatpants and a tank wouldn't cut it.  So I turned to my two favorite fashionistas.

These two women are as different as can be, but they both share an attitude about looking good.  And they DO.  They carry themselves with great confidence, pay attention to details and it works.  Both look fantastic 99% of the time.

Jennifer took me shopping.  I jokingly call her Ninja Shopper...  she marches into a store, looks around for a quick moment and if nothing catches her eye - she leaves.  We were on our third store when she pulled this bizarre dress off the rack.  It looks like a designer on acid came up with the fabric.  But I tried it on and you know what?  It looked pretty good.  Not great, but pretty good.  Jennifer disppeared amongst the racks for a moment and came back with a giant bra (they didn't have anything close to my size).  Put it on, she tells me.  It won't be exact, but you'll get the idea.  So I do, and damned if she wasn't right.  With a little help for the girls, that dress looked great!  So I bought it.

Then we went back across to one of the previous stores to find a bra that actually fit.  I got three in my size (which is apparently an odd one as there may have only been three in my size there).

The first one had what I call "perky packs", which is some gel thing that fits in the bottom of the cup to give you a little extra lift.  Honestly, it felt like I was being smothered by my own breasts.  Nope.  The second one ws just uncomfortable.  The underwire dug into the skin underneath and actually hurt.  But the third was fairly comfortable (even if it did have an underwire in it).  I thought I could handle that for a few hours at a time for special occasions.  We bought it.
Mission accomplished - or so I thought.  Enter Jannie - my other fashionista friend.  This woman always looks good.  Recently, she's been going through her closets and getting rid of things - some of which she's given to me.  It's beautiful stuff and I look pretty good in it.  I think she might just want to see me in something other than jeans and tevas.

Anyway, the morning after the shopping expedition with Jennifer, Jannie shows up with not one but two dresses approprite for attending a wedding.  The first one is made of similar material to the dress Jen and I picke out.  It's dark with a floral pattern and is quite pretty.  It has sleeves to cover my scarred up arms and is of a modest length.

The second dress is a bit more conservative, but I like that one too.  It has a brownish over jacket with short sleeves and the dress is navy and a mellow golden yellow.  It comes with a neckace attached.  Not only does it have sleeves, but it is also long - mid shin,  I really like that.  My legs are also scarred up and I wasn't looking forward to panty hose.

And so my dilemma.  I went from having no choices at all to having three of them - all appealing.  I'll try them all on tomorrow and see if I can figure it out.

Now,  about my shoes....


Anonymous said...

okay not seeing them on you but only on a hanger I go for the last two dresses. I can see you in both of them. I think they are wonderful choices. And of these I actually lean toward the flowery one.

You will be beautiful no matter what you wear.


grace said...

I like the last one! I am excited for you Sayre!!

grace said...

I like the last one! I am excited for you Sayre!!

Sandy said...

Choices are always nice. I agree with Stephanie about the flowered just looks wedding-y.

As for the bra, I am always amazed by what a difference a good "foundation garment"(thanks, Mom)

joanygee said...

I love flowers and purple and think that dress would look lovely. It's up to you to choose; you're lucky having such great friends.

SwampAngel65 said...

Do a little "fashion show" and have ZBoy give his $.02. Sounds weird, but kids will usually say right away if it's thumbs up or down.

Anonymous said...

Swamp angel is right. I used to always ask Koda how something looked on me and he would give a fair answer. I was always satisfied with the choice.


Georgia Girls said...

Even though you didn't ask for an opinion, I like the black and purple one for a wedding. Have fun!