Wednesday, March 02, 2011

T- 4 Days to Wedding

My mother is having a blast.  All you have to do is look at her face to see it. 

She was nervous, you see.  House guests for three weeks.  One with good english, one with rusty english and one with almost no english.  She was worried about having to entertain them and make them comfortable.  Of course she didnt' need to worry.  Dawon, her new daughter-in-law fell into the routine of the house effortlessly, having been a guest here before (testing the waters before Matt asked her to marry him?).  And Dawon was such a joy to have around...  her family is much the same.  The language barrier is interesting, but doesn't really matter in the long run.  Some languages are universal.  Love and Family. 

This is my mom's best friend, Dorothy.  She's been a part of our lives since Andy was a new baby and is truly a part of our family.  Tuesday, she hosted a luncheon for us ladies!   

 It was simple and elegant and totally Dorothy.  The menu was a wonderful chicken salad on a bed of lettuce with a large square of cranberry and orange mold.  Lovely and very satisfying without weighing us down.  For dessert, chocolate dipped strawberries, piroulles and coffee.  Unbelieveably, there were left over strawberries, which I took home for Darling Man and ZBoy.

In attendance were my mother, Dawon, her friend Meiyoun (one day I'll get the spelling and pronounciation right!!!), her mother HangSoon and her aunt, HwaSoon, and me.  After an initial awkwardness, everyone relaxed and the combination of Korean accents and very Southern accents made communication interesting and fun.  We laughed a lot. 

After lunch, there was a bit more chatting and wandering around looking at Dorothy's house.  Having been to Korea and seeing how they decorate their homes, it must have been very interesting to them to come here and see what we do to our surroundings.  Pictures figure prominently around here.  Not quite so much in Korea.

Afterwards, we went our separate ways.  Dorothy had an appointment.  I needed to go buy plates/napkins/cups etc. for the wedding, then get back to work. 

Mom took everyone else off to Goodwill to look at dresses.  They have some beautiful wedding dresses there!  And when I called to tell Mom of my success getting stuff for the reception, Dorothy joined them at Goodwill.  I know they had a great time!!!


PinkPiddyPaws said...

This is all so exciting!! I can't wait to read more as the wedding approaches! :)

Georgia Girls said...

Korean and southern accents? Oh my! LOL The food sounded delish and the table looked lovely. Don't forget to exhale.

Georgia Girls said...

I left a comment, now I can't remember if you view it first.

karisma said...

Everyone certainly looks pleased. I once had a good Turkish friend who spoke only a few words of English and I a few words of Turkish. I opted to drag her into the kitchen and cook. We got along famously working together (she LOVED cooking which was a bonus, coz I don't!)