Friday, March 11, 2011

Wedding Wrap-Up, Part 2

The Bride and her Bridesmaid were beautiful...  Dawon wore a very simple white dress with a crown of flowers.  MiYoung wore a black cocktail dress - all very simple and very elegant!
While they were busy getting dressed and riding in the Jerry-provided limo to the church, I was running around like a madwoman trying to get the flowers finished.  I did the altar flowers first...  I ran those over to the church early, then returned to my house to work on the other stuff.  Thank goodness Dorothy and the Panama City family arrived - I put them to work putting together bouquets, boutouneires and corsages.  Dorothy brought camellias to supplement the flowers I'd bought the previous day - their work was gorgeous!

While they worked on that, I got a phone call from Dad, already at the church asking me to come sort out tablecloths.  What?  I went over (lucky it's close!) and discovered that there were two sets - one a sand color and one white.  I went with sand for the tables and white for the long serving tables.  Dharma also came with me and we brought the centerpieces and food table flowers as well and set those out before heading back to the house.  The wedding was at 2:30, and I was in the shower at 1:45...  To say I was time crunched was an understatement.  And for those of you following the saga, I wound up wearing the psycho-print dress that my friend and I bought shopping.  It looked great!

The ceremony was beautiful and standing-room-only.  Father Mike did a marvelous job officiating and I was surprised and touched when Matt asked me to read the Song of Solomon passage.  I managed to read with a clear, strong voice and didn't tear up until I took my seat again.  (By the way, no photos are allowed during the ceremony, so I have none to share with you.  Just the reception stuff.)  I slipped out right after the communion so that I could check on the reception doings down the hill. 

Jennifer did a masterful job of pulling it all together in my absence.  She saw what I brought for punch and put something together.  We wound up with a non-alcoholic punch, a champagne punch and mimosas!   Good job!  Mike from the Magnolia Cafe in Havana brought finger sandwiches and crudite with his very own bleu cheese dressing which was marvelous - and other people brought other platters of food in addition to the cheese platter and fruit platter I brought from Publix.  It turned out to be exactly the right amount of food - the leftovers providing a lovely snack for later, but only one.
People gathered and chatted and visited, since a lot of us hadn't seen each other in a long time.  Matt had a video of his birthday, the engagement and the Korean wedding which was awesome!

I'm so glad they didn't do the cake-smash.  It was a lovely, gentle feeding of each other, which is how it should be.  Matt spooned cake to Dawon, then made a big goofy face when she aimed for his mouth - but that's how they are - funny, loving people.  It was a wonderful reception.

Afterwards, the wedding party piled into the limo for the drive back out to the farm.  Matt and Jerry stayed behind and went to get Momo's pizza to take out there for dinner.  I was too tired to go out to the farm.  I stayed behind with James and we cleaned the kitchen and put the parish hall back to rights for the next day's service and church activities.  And afterwards, I crawled into bed and slept the sleep of the dead.


lisaschaos said...

Looks like things went great! I'm betting you're glad that is over. :) Lovely couple! Yay for them NOT doing the cake smash. :)

Jill said...

I hate the cake smash. sounds lovely!

Jan n Jer said...

Looks like everything went off without a hitch...your worked hard! BTW...are they back in japan and are they safe after the earthquake there!!! I hope they are ok!!!

Island Rider said...

Looks like a beautiful ceremony and a fun party. I know they appreciated your hard work. It is great to have friends you can depend on to help, too, isn't it? Best wishes to the newlyweds!

grace said...

Your brother does look like an awesome guy, I wish them happiness and as Africans would say (many children...oops! I could not resist) I am glad it all went well Sayre.

Sandy said...

I know that it wasn't without stress but it certainly turned out lovely! and hurray on them for not smashing the cake!

gayle said...

So glad everything turned out perfect!

Georgia Girls said...

How lovely to be married in the same church as your parents. A lot of work and probably a lot of stress, but when you see all the smiles and laughter around you, it is worth it. Congratulations to the happy couple!