Friday, April 29, 2011

April 29th is a Special Day

We laughed when we found out the date that Prince William and Kate Middleton had chosen for their wedding.  Seems like they might be following in our footsteps.  See, April 29 is when Darling Man and I got married. 

I'm betting they don't have the same issues with the date that we had though.  For one thing, it's prom weekend.  And university graduation weekend.  When their guests couldn't find room at the inn, it was because there were so many guests.  When ours couldn't, it was because families had flocked to the city to see their babies receive their sheepskins.  Yeah...  we've got similar problems...

I took the day off from work to do some stuff around the house. Mostly to clean ZBoy's room (dustiest place on earth next to the Sonoran Desert) and set up his birthday present. The cleaning took most of the day. Bed stripped, everything dusted, including the ceiling fan. He's been having a stuffy/runny nose the last few days and I'm betting it's because his room is so full of crud. I put all the loose legos away and vacuumed thoroughly. I hope it helps.

It might seem like overkill for a 12 year old boy, but he really does need his own set up now.  This computer is big enough to get him through high school.  And I found a terrific deal at Wal-Mart for the "Mother's Day Bundle", which included a printer, a flash drive, a wireless mouse and a carry case.  I have to go get a USB cable for the printer.  Then he'll be completely hooked up.

He also has his own cell phone now.  I think he's old enough.  It's just a phone - no texting or internet.  Kind of boring for a kid, I guess, but he doesn't really need to be doing all that stuff yet.  Mostly the phone is to help facilitate some independence this summer.  I'm trying to let him branch out a bit on his own.  He still needs supervision, but he needs to learn to be a little adventurous too.  My dad gave us the phone and I added the boy to my wireless plan.  He's thrilled!

This is one happy kid!  I've lost count of how many hugs he gave to me and his dad tonight.  He didn't cry, but I think he wanted to. 
After all the excitement, we went out to dinner.  Village Inn (there's a nice one near my house that doesn't smell like sour milk) for a burger for him, chicken parmesan for me and a chicken caesar salad for the Man.
We didn't have pie there.  We came back home because THIS was waiting in the fridge.  It's chocolate mousse on a shortbread crust and covered in dark chocolate.  In the shape of a mouse.  Darling Man discovered them in a french pastry shop and whenever we have a special occasion, he goes to get some mice.
So many good things today - Darling Man and I are married 16 years.  ZBoy (born on our 4th anniversary) turns 12.  It's hard to believe so many years have passed by.  And Kate and William begin their own marriage.  Good luck, kids.  You're in for quite a ride.


Faye said...

Congratulations all around, Sayre. ZBoy has his command center. You and The Man 'Still Crazy After All These Years". And ditto your wishes for the royal couple. Everybody celebrationg in their own way on the 29th!

karisma said...

Happy Anniversary!

Jan n Jer said...

Happy Anniverasry to you n Hubs and Happy to ZBoy! May you all have many more happy celebrations to follow!!

grace said...

Congratulations to you Sayre!! I missed watching the wedding because our power has been out and it is still out, 4 days later. I also took a break from facebook. Will keep in touch when my power comes back on

joanygee said...

heartfelt congratulations.