Wednesday, April 13, 2011

On a related note...

In my last post, I confessed to coming up blank on topics to write about here.  And I solicited questions - getting quite a few!  I will write them all, but I'm going to start with Joanygee's, since it's still fresh, having just returned from Las Vegas.

Joanygee posed this question:  I'm curious to know how well your two guys got on with you away. Seeing as how their 'linchpin' was missing.

I think they got on quite well.  My husband really is a wonderful and resourceful father, and in the past year, he's been getting a little practice being the sole parent on duty (trip to Korea, this one to Las Vegas).  But it isn't like when I'm there, according to my son.

Unfortunately, when I packed for Vegas, I remembered everything but my phone charger - so we were kind of in the same position we were in for Korea - no phone calls.  I had fully charged my phone before I left, so it was available for emergencies...  and we did most of our communicating via Yahoo or Facebook chat.  There were a couple of calls to let them know I was online, and the second call like that I made, my son answered.  I'd been gone two whole days.

ZBoy:  Mom!!!  Hi!  How are you?!?!  How much longer are you going to be gone?

Me:  (laughing)  Hi, Baby.  I'm fine.  I'm coming home on Saturday.  How's it going there?

ZBoy:  Oh, I'm fine.  Playing with Jeremy right now (his online gaming friend).  Dad's weird.  When we got home from school, he told me to sit down and talk to him.  Then he started talking about money and how we're all screwed...  and politics.  He gets strange when you're gone.

Me:  Lonely, huh?

ZBoy:  Yeah.  He misses you.  I miss you too.  I wish I could hug you goodnight.

Me:  Well, I miss you guys so much!  Can't wait to come home.  Why don't you go play with Jeremy and let me talk to Dad for a minute...

He called down the stairs to Darling Man, said "Love you, Mom!" and handed the phone off.

Darling Man confessed that it was, indeed, strange to not have me there.  I'd given him a couple of chores to do - hand off the tax stuff to our tax man and fill out the registration stuff for Z's new school.  These are things he doesn't normally do, but I ran out of time before I left.  I handle the daily stuff and the money and kind of enforce the schedule.  He did complete the tasks I gave him, but he confessed that he got Z to school late one day and that they'd pretty much been eating out since I left.  He had made dinner that night, but I think that was the only meal that was homemade while I was gone.  Not big things, but a departure from the norm.

When I got off the plane, they both were so happy to see me - it brought tears to my eyes.  I was glad to see them too! 

I think people crave a bit of routine.  They do it without thinking about it until something major disrupts it.  Las Vegas is okay, but it's not home.  I love the life we all live together and everytime I go away, they remember how much they love our routine too - even if Z does complain when I tell him it's time for bed.  But I think I saw a secret smile when I told him.  Mom's home.


Jill said...

This reminds me of something we said at the dinner table this week. Somehow it got to the point where K was saying something about her house and my hubby said, no your mom and I pay for it. I make the money and she pays the bills--which is completely true. I don't make the money, but I am darn sure that everyone has food, the bills are paid on time, that we don't run out of milk, etc. I said 'go team' and we high fived. It may be an 'old school' way to go, but it works for us. (My hubby does the taxes and deals with setting up accounts--things I detest--but the rest is on me!)

Jan n Jer said...

Just like the old saying goes..."Absence makes the heart grow Fonder" Theres no place like home!!!

joanygee said...

It's nice to go away sometimes, but even better to come home. I guessed everybody would be fine
Last month when I was away the dogs camped in the hall waiting for me. Then, when I was home they went back in the lounge again with everyone.

ari_1965 said...

I like to think of DH and DS feeling slightly guilty about it but going to McDonald's in your absence, anyway. Bad but still sweet, if you know what I mean.

karisma said...

Hmm My man heads off to KFC everytime I am not here. The kids think it is awesome. Not that I leave them much. LOL