Friday, April 29, 2011

Taking My Child to Work

I took my boy to work with me on Thursday.  It did not take him long to see that my job is boring as hell to anyone on the outside of my head.  From the outside, it looks like I sit at my computer and plug in stuff all day.

I explained to him what I was doing at each step, what the purpose of it was and what the end result would be.  To him it was boring.  To me, I was creating pictures in the air.

I rescued the ugly leather bench from the ladies bathroom when we went through the bathroom renovations.  That bench had been here back when I first started in 1979 as part of our lobby.  I guess it moved around a lot before winding up in the bathroom.  I saw it pulled out and pushed over against a wall, covered in dust and asked what was going to happen to it.  Destined for the dumpster - so I grabbed it.  I scrubbed it down and put it in my office.  It's come in handy.  A lot more comfortable than the hard chairs in front of my desk and more friendly as it's off to the side.  Apparently it's a great place for a nap too!

Like when he was smaller, he decided to get crafty with paper.  He built an alien ship that looked a little like a catfish and some paper facial hair, which he taped on. 

He's an arty one, my boy!

When we got back from lunch, he made this card for me and his dad.  Friday is our 16th wedding anniversary, though he thought it was 15th, which he put in the card.

I love the cloud that looks like a heart!

It wasn't exactly the kind of thing I had in mind when I agreed to take him to work, but he knows a little more about my job, what it is that I actually do, and he got to sit in while I did some voice work too.  He allowed that it was neat that I did so many things in the course of a day.  And I told him that was how I kept my job interesting.  He thought that worked out pretty well.


Pamela said...

awwww... I don't think I ever took my girls to work

love the card.

karisma said...

Oh that card looks AWESOME!