Monday, May 23, 2011

Fun Monday - Mason or Crane

Roger continues his hosting of Fun Monday this week with this question:  Choose one of three, Perry Mason vs Denny Crane, or you could have a conversation amongst someone that works with masonry and a crane operator, or finally you could choose to have a conversation between the American patriot George Mason, and the fictional school teacher Ichabod Crane.

Perry Mason was a presence in my childhood.  The theme was embedded in my brain early on and is still "courtroom music" to my way of thinking.  I looked at several clips of variations of the open and he does this funny little smile after he reads whatever it is he's looking at.  In every single one.

His smile is very George Clooney and though Perry is a serious lawyer, he takes no guff off anyone.

Denny Crane, on the other hand, makes you wonder if he's sane at all.  I watched Boston Legal for a while and was always entertained.  He always managed to get his point across, but usually in a very unorthodox way.

I can't say which one I prefer.  I suppose if I were the defendant in court, I'd go with Perry.  The outcome just seems like a bit more of a sure thing with him.

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