Monday, May 30, 2011

Fun Monday - MIA

Roger seems to have decided to make Memorial Day a full holiday - or maybe after two months of hosting Fun Monday, he's just burned out.  I will be your host for June, so while I'm not officially hosting yet, how about this? 

Today, if the spirit moves you, post a picture of what freedom means to you - the freedom won and sustained by the men of our military.  So many of them have died so that you and I can live the life we have now.  Free to have friends of different faiths and races.  Free to choose who will lead us and make our laws.  Free from censorship of opinion (okay, free from OFFICIAL censorship - everyone else will argue with you).  This country is still growing and evolving.  And men and women of our military are still dying so that we can do that growing and evolving under our own terms.

When I lived in Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plain, it was not uncommon to see really big flags waving in the breeze.  Something about those giant flags always made me feel very patriotic.  In Florida, the wind isn't nearly impressive enough to wave a flag the same way.  But one day, I was sitting in line at the bank and looked up to see their flag standing nearly straight out!  It's so rare that I took a picture of it.  And like the flags in Oklahoma, my heart swelled a bit just seeing it waving.
IF you want to play today, say so in the comments and I'll make a link.  Next week, I'll get Mr. Linky up and running.


Pamela said...

There is a HUGE flag that flies on the John Day Dam on the Columbia -- and when I drive through there (and it always seems the wind blows in the Gorge) that Flag just is always giving me chills.

PinkPiddyPaws said...

I get all gooey anytime I see someone in uniform. And if it happens to be in a service type area (food/coffee/etc..) I do my best to buy them something or let them go ahead of me in the line. Just a small way to say "Thanks".