Monday, May 02, 2011

Fun Monday - Should I Stay or Should I Go

Roger is a glutton for punishment - he just hosted April's Fun Monday and now he's going for May too!  He poses this challenge for the first Monday of May:
Let us discuss what kind of plans we have for the summer season. With the economy, and gas prices being what they are, will you be traveling during the summer months or staying close to home?

Summer is our "dry" time.  Starting in the fall, my husband works freelance sports in addition to his regular job, so we have a little extra money coming in.  We take care of things like new tires for the car, maintenance on AC system or replacing a dead appliance.  There always seems to be something that sucks that extra money up.  But because I won't make my husband do golf, summer has very little going on in the extra work area.  Which means we don't have any extra money to so stuff.  My son used to go to camp in the summer, but we can't swing that anymore.  So my husband and I take turns being home with him.  Usually, he goes to work in the morning and I work at home, then at lunch time, we switch.  This summer looks to be about the same.

Some things will be different.  Both my boy and I are on the heavy side now, so this will be the summer of "de-pudging".  We will ride our bikes wherever we can.  Our diet is going to be VERY basic.  We'll spend more time moving and less time sitting in front of various screens.  And there will be an emphasis on decluttering - selling what we can and donating the rest.

Needless to say, we won't be going anywhere except perhaps the guys will go camping somewhere.  We'd love to actually take a trip together, but finances advise against it.  Summer is our most difficult time in that respect.  One day, I'd love to take my guys to England and Wales.  Or we could take our boy out West to see some really different land.  Or up to the northeast to check out Maine and upstate New York.  But those trips will have to wait - for lower gas prices, vacation time, and healthier pocketbooks. 

To see what other people are doing this summer, go visit Roger!


Roger said...

It's too bad that the fuel prices are getting to be outrageous. We went to Church Sunday and the price at the station nearby was $4.19, when we left (less than two hours later), it was at $4.49. How is that even possible? Anyway, if our vacation wasn't already paid for and if we didn't budget for $5 a gallon gas, we would probably be exploring Illinois instead.

Hoping to see Maine next summer, might have to get a second job to afford it though.

Jill said...

Sounds familiar! Thanks for posting that Roger was hosting, I didn't know. Got mine up.

Molly said...

Staying home in the summer is appealing. After our trip to Wales, I think that we may be de-pudging too. I hope that your summer is great.