Monday, June 06, 2011

Fun Monday - Staying Cool

I'm  hosting Fun Monday this month, and I thought I'd start off the month with a topic on everyone's mind - the heat!  There was also the alternative of what to do with kids during the summer, but it doesn't look like anyone took that one.

Living in Florida, heat is a reality.  Add to that high humidity and you get a mix that makes it darned near impossible to get anything done unless you're some kind of heat freak (hello, Darling Man).  I'm not that kind of person and neither is my son.  Florida heat makes us practically melt when outside.  Thank goodness for air conditioning!!!!

The problem with AC, though, is that it's wicked expensive to run, especially at the temperatures I'd like to keep it set to, so we still sweat a bit and sit in front of or under fans.  Evaporation helps keep us cool!

The other blessing/curse we have is an above-ground pool.  It's a curse because it's a lot of work to keep up and expensive to maintain.  The blessing is obvious though - it's COOL!  And really, the work in keeping the algae out and the water clean requires that you be IN the pool, so it's not really that bad either. 

There are hot activites in store for us this year.  I'm going to be commuting to and from work on my bicycle (however long it takes).  I will be smart about it and make sure I'm hydrated and that I stop when I need to to avoid being overheated.  My husband and son are starting a morning exercise program - biking or walking every day.  They will be smart too.  But I still think that when we're done doing those hot things, the pool will beckon most fetchingly!

Only two people signed up to play this week...  If you want to join in, leave a comment and I'll add you to the list!



joanygee said...

sorry I'm late; please add me to your list.

Faye said...

I've lived in FL for only one year and the heat--plus almost no seasonal changes--got me down. I use your strategy for keeping a bit cooler by using fans--especially at night to sleep.

Good luck with your summer exercise program.