Thursday, July 07, 2011

You Want a Piece of Me?

Last night, something that may have been fortuituous happened.  Our satellite receiver/DVR died.  It would turn on, but not do anything.  We had called a few months ago to cancel our service because it was  an expense we really didn't need and they hooked us up with a "select" plan that would give us some channels, free Starz and Encore for 6 months and free receiver/DVR.  That sounded pretty good, so I signed up for that deal.  Except the channels we got were mostly shopping and infomercial, news and the kind of channels you'd get on basic cable (TNT, TBS, Lifetime).  No American Movie Classics or Turner Movie Classics or any of the other channels we would watch.  But we went along with it until last night when the receiver died and we realized it was decision time.

My life is busy.  Everyone and everything seems to need a piece of me and my time.  I have dogs and cats that need attention.  I have a son that needs attention.  I have a husband that needs me.  A full-time job.  And a house with about a billion projects in the works.  That doesn't even include hobby time or exercising time or just downtime.  And of course there are the family obligations from time to time as well.  Big family, lots of occasions.  I love those and spending time with family but always in the back of my mind is some little voice that says "those stairs aren't going to get done if you keep running off to do stuff."

And honestly, the TV is a distraction.  Instead of accomplishing something at the end of the day, I plunk down, turn on the TV and see what's on.  It's not like I even have something specific in mind to watch - I just scroll down the guide until I see something that catches my eye.  A colossal waste of time. 

After a brief discussion this morning with my husband and son, we decided to cancel our satellite TV.  I'm sure there will be some withdrawal pains (I'm gonna miss Drop Dead Diva), but we can get a few things over the air and we have Netflix for when we really just have to watch something.

I am relishing the idea of all the time I'll have available to me now that the TV is no longer an issue.  If I tackle one little project most days when I get home from work, I can make a big dent in my to do list!

And maybe that little voice will just shut up the next time I'm partying down with my family.


Native Mom said...

Sayre, this sounds very liberating. Let me know how it goes. I may have to tell my family that the "cable broke."

PinkPiddyPaws said...

And Drop Dead Diva comes out on Netflix. Plus, there are lots of shows on Hulu these days if you really need a fix.

Good for you! We mainly watch HBO these days. That and trivia shows. Gotta love Jeopardy and Cash Cab. :)

Sandy said...

Wish I had your courage! Let me know how it goes, especially with ZBoy, please.

Sandcastle Momma said...

This is something I've thought about trying for years but to be honest I'm a tv junkie - gotta have it lol
I'm curious to see how it goes for you too - keep us posted.

ari_1965 said...

Sounds like a good decision.

Island Rider said...

Sounds like a RADICAL decision! Good for you and for your family.