Sunday, August 07, 2011

Nervous Glee

You might have to turn up the volume, but you can hear the instructor talking and ZBoy laughing with glee as the horse carries him around in a circle at a trot.  Boo, the instructor said, "I'm glad you're not nervous!"  And the Boy replied, "Oh, I'm nervous - but I'm having a GREAT time!"

He did not want me to post this on YouTube to upload here.  He was okay with it being on the blog though.  After some mean comments about a video I posted of him on YouTube, he didn't want to go there again.  Can't say as I blame him. 


Faye said...

Smart boy to nix youTube stardom. Comments can be brutal. It's great that he's getting all these opportunities and exposure to new activities. True confidence builders--which will be needed a bunch in next few years.

Is there a place where he can ride regularly once he learns? Your parents' farm?

karisma said...

COOL! He looks like a professional jockey!

Anonymous said...

Awesome job Z! Not to many people are that comfortable around horses.