Monday, October 03, 2011

First Monday Cravings

No one volunteered to host the First Monday of October, so I guess I'll do it again. 

This weekend's cooler weather put me in a Fall state-of-mind and for the first time since last March, I wanted soup for dinner.  I heated up some chicken noodle soup which the Boy and I shared for dinner.  The Man had leftover pizza.  That craving got me to thinking - what do people crave when the weather gets cooler?  Sign up in comments, and I'll add your link to this post.

For me, soup is number one.  It's just too hot in the summer to eat it.  It's also time for mashed potatoes instead of rice, chili with cheese sprinkled on top, pot roasts, pork loins (the way my MIL makes it with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes) and pumpkin pie.  I normally drink hot tea when I want something hot, but colder weather warrants something a bit thicker - coffee with cream or cocoa with marshmallows.  Iced tea pretty much goes away until it's warm again, but I still drink the hot tea in the mornings when I get up.  Green beans instead of peas.  Soup instead of salad.  Gravy instead of a pat of butter. 

I'm guessing that the heavier food is genetically designed to put the fat on so that we can survive these harsh Florida winters *wink* but I also find I'm much more interested in exercise and getting out and doing things when it's cooler, so I've managed to pretty much stay the same weight at the end of winter as going in.  This year I'm hoping to be much lighter coming out!

Don't forget to sign up and play!

Jo (Gooseberries & Chocolate)
Joangee (scroll down past Favorite Picture post)


ari_1965 said...

Well, don't everybody crowd in at once.

My post will be up in 5 minutes.

Sandy said...

Fixing to post it now, Sayre...and thanks!

fluffbuff said...

It's hard to think what I crave when it gets colder because it's still hot in LA. Let's think… mashed potatoes, risotto, spicy tomato soup. Yum!

Jo said...

On my way to post now.

Jill said...

shows how often I get on my computer. sorry. will get my post up now!

ari_1965 said...

I get an error when I click on Jill's, but I WOULD have gone to her blog if I could have. Really.

Pamela said...

Yes. soup is what I start thinking about when the days get short and the thermometer begins to shrink.

I'm sorry I didn't join in. Still doing the two weeks in autumn with Faye. Maybe I'll join next month? Remind me... hmm

joanygee said...

Good thinking Sayre! I'm going to join in too, if rather belatedly.