Monday, November 28, 2011

Challenge for First Monday - December 5th

Time sure is flying by...  I just realized that NEXT Monday is the first Monday of the month!

Being December, everyone is celebrating something.  If you're a Christian (or pretty much anyone else) you celebrate Christmas.  If you're Jewish, Chanukah.  Some of African descent celebrate Kwanzaa.  Whatever it is you celebrate (even if it's just the weather), there's probably some tradition associated with it or a favorite memory.   For our next First Monday (a week from today), I'd like to hear what it is you celebrate, how you do it and a favorite memory.  Pictures are a plus!!!!

Sign up in the comments and I'll include your link on First Monday.


joanygee said...

What a good idea, count me in please!

Jill said...

i was going to remind you but you didn't need it. awesome! count me in!

Sandy said...

Me, too, please!