Wednesday, February 29, 2012

First Day of the Month - March 2012

This is where you can find him much of the time.  Sitting on the floor in front of the ottoman with his computer sitting on top of it.  Usually a game, sometimes chatting with his friend who moved to Las Vegas, sometimes cruising around in YouTube or lately, working on his story.

Then there are other times when he likes to lie on the floor and play with his dog Kida.  Sometimes she's amenable... other times not so much.  Today she was loving it!

My boy continues to grow.  He was as tall as me recently, but now I find myself tilting my head slightly to look him in the eye.  He is taller than me now - there is no going back, so I love it when he plays like a little boy with his dog.

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Teresa said...

It's a scary day when we realize our kid is bigger than us. Enjoy him before he's all grown up.

Jan AKA Wammy said...

Looks like he has a sweet smile!

Faye said...

Love that face--so much humor in it! He's at a real between time, isn't he? What's the story about?