Monday, November 05, 2012


I'm jealous of my son.

Once upon a time, I had wonderful hair.  Much like the hair in the picture above.  And the hair below.

He's growing it out as long as he can.  He started out with the idea of donating his hair (and the recipient would be a VERY lucky person), but discovered that he liked wearing his hair long.  I told him that was okay... grow it to your waist and then cut it off to your shoulders.  He could get on board with that.
People keep asking him when he's going to cut his hair.  And they ask me too.  The ladies at the church, his grandparents, our priest, the neighbors...  To me, hair is not something to fight about.  Him having long hair isn't hurting anyone.  So my answer?  WHEN HE FEELS LIKE IT!
Surely there are more important things for people to worry about?


apricoco said...

Yes, there are. When will we learn that commenting on other's appearances is just out of bounds?

Jan said...

You have the right attitude. It's just hair! People need to get over themselves.

Anonymous said...

Big O shaved his head for St baldrick's his junior year after people asking him for years. (he was a walking mushroom, his hair grew out in a big cloud) He felt really good about doing it for a great cause, and we sent out an email asking for pledges telling all his uncles to put their money where their mouths were and sponsor him. Tell 'em all he's saving it for St baldricks...

Jill said...

reminds me of 'oh my God why doesn't that baby have on socks?!?' umm, we just walked about 15 yards to get here, chill out, it's 50 degrees out and she's wearing a coat. Being without socks for 1 minute and 30 seconds will NOT give her pneumonia. Ack. Some people just don't get it. If he repeats the donation story enough, people will back off.