Friday, November 16, 2012

November 16

My brother and his wife boarded a plane from Korea and made it to Atlanta by 3pm.  By now, they should be out at the farm sleeping the sleep of the dead.  Thanksgiving just officially began.

My list is still long.  I am, however, about to cross one more item off - there is one seam left to sew and then the brothers' Christmas presents will be DONE (yay!).

I took today off though.  I went to work; I picked up my boy; I went to play bunko.  At my church, every couple of months, the ladies get together to eat, drink wine, and play 30 rounds of bunko.  It's fast-paced and we're usually done by 9pm (sometimes earlier).  Mostly - we laugh.  I'm not sure what it was tonight... perhaps the tables were set up a little oddly, but no one seemed able to move from table to table without getting lost. 

I got home in time to see "Grimm", but otherwise, it's a night off.  Tomorrow - VERY BUSY!

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Sandcastle Momma said...

I used to go to Bunko with my grandmother on occasion but those little ladies were able to process a lot faster than I was and I always ended up wondering what was happening lol